Taxi driver gives student £50 after it was stolen from her at grad ball

The money was a graduation gift from her family

A taxi driver gave an Exeter graduate £50 after finding out her money was stolen from her purse at the grad ball during the drive home.

21-year-old Rachael Flaherty, a Sport and Exercise Science graduate from the University of Exeter, was given a present of £50 cash from her family after graduating on 22nd July, which was later stolen at her ball. Her purse later reappeared with the money missing.

She posted on Facebook saying, "Obviously this upset me and I wanted to go home." However she couldn't find a taxi.

A taxi driver took pity on her and welcomed her to join a group of strangers already in his cab. The other passengers payed the taxi driver, who had listened to her story, and he immediately gave Rachael the £10 he had been given and drove her home for free.

The next morning, Jack the Hat, a well-known taxi driver in Exeter, returned to Rachael's house with more money, claiming he had "worked through the night" to repay her the money she lost.

She said: "This morning there was a knock at the door… it was Jack. He asked me how I was and then explained that he had worked all through the night to get enough money so that he could repay what I had lost. I was shocked when he handed me £50 and wished me well."

This is her Facebook post:

She added: "He didn't have to do any of this, but it just shows that there are some good people out there. Fellow Exeter students, if you ever need a ride anywhere, this is your guy. Can't thank him enough. Thanks for making my last night in Exeter a happy one Jack the Hat Taxis".

Rachael told The Tab Exeter: "He was a truly great gentleman and I can thank him enough."

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