What could you buy with Holland Hall rent money?

Hint: A lot of VKs

We’re all aware that Holland Hall is the most expensive hall in Exeter, but it’s about to get even more expensive.

The 2015-16 year will see prices rise to £6,865.60 for a single en-suite catered room, £7,199.36.80 for a single en-suite catered room with a view.

It’s certainly not cheap.

However, if you were to simply live in the library for the entire year (a day is enough really), what would you be able to buy with the money you’d save?

Side note: All of the prices are compared to a single en-suite catered room in Holland and are rounded to the nearest integer.

So what can you buy?

Well, for starters, you’d be able to buy 13 brand-new iPhone 6’s, or 23 Samsung Galaxy Alphas.

Why would you only have one anyway?

Or, if you wanted to become the next Mr. Toad, you could buy a 1971 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Saloon, and use the remaining £666.24 to cover some of the running costs.

Hungry? If so, feel free to order 1,721 of Domino’s 7” Cheese & Tomato Pizzas. That should hopefully satisfy your hunger pangs. And everybody else’s in a 5-mile radius.

Speaking of Mr. Toad, perhaps you’d entertain the possibility of spending 20 nights at The Ritz in a ‘Superior Queen Room’?

Or, if you prefer the mountains, why not 43 nights at Ferienart Resort & Spa in Saas Fee, Switzerland?

Of course, you’ll need to wash that down. In light of this, you might be inclined to order 3,433 VK’s from Asda.

You could be this guy. But in Asda… 

Or, if you prefer Fosters, you could buy 490 of their 20-packs, which would leave you 9,800 cans of questionable lager.

Questionable indeed 

You could also wrangle up 1,738 of Monkey Suit’s Cocktails.

So there you have it,these are all great purchases. I wish your/your parents’ bank account(s) the best of luck.