Uni apologises for Freshers’ Week disturbances in letters to Exeter residents…including students

The guy’s email address is ‘[email protected]

Following a noisy, boozy Freshers’ Week, Geoff Pringle, Chief Operating Officer of the University, sent letters to hundreds of local residents apologising for student conduct and promising future action against it.

But in a shocking turn of events, it seems the uni have neglected to check their databases, posting many of these letters to the culprits of said noise crimes, the students themselves.

Many students were confused when they received the letter

The letter reads: “We are writing to apologise to you if you have been inconvenienced by higher than normal noise levels over the past week.

“As you are probably aware, in common with other universities around the country, we spent last week welcoming both our new first year students and the majority of our returning students back to Exeter.

We understand that, as a result, you may have experienced some unusual levels of noise and disruptive behaviour, particularly in the evenings.”

“To be honest when we got the letter through the door I thought it was a complaint about us,” says Anna, a second year currently living on Hoopern Street.

“When we register for uni we have to give them our term-time address, so I was quite surprised they weren’t aware which houses were student residences.

“Personally I think it’s quite funny they’ve been sending letters to students to apologise for noise we’re making ourselves.”

The letter sent to many Exeter students

While some saw the funny side of receiving a letter about their own behaviour, others weren’t really that bothered.

Ted Marne, a student living on Culverland Close said, “To be honest it didn’t really trouble me that the letter was sent through the door.

“I thought it was quite nice that the uni was looking out for local residents to make sure a good relationship is maintained.”