Albertine Brandon

Deputy Editor, The Tab Exeter

Albertine Brandon
Exeter University


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I let my fashion blogger friend give me a wardrobe makeover

As easy as £123

An expert’s guide to Goldrush season

‘Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game’

You’re 20 years old, why are you so incompetent?

Let’s be honest, most students are like Tamagotchis, if you leave them alone for too long it’s likely they’ll shit themselves and die

Hodor from Game of Thrones is coming to the Lemmy

Hodor, Hodor, Hodor

Mosaic: Where integrity goes to die

If you’re a frequent attendee of Mosaic, you’re probably everything wrong with Exeter

Pullcam – Timepiece, 11th March 2015

Look at all of you snogging haha

How to be featured on Fashion in the Forum

Walk slowly and wear something attention-seeking

Over £20k was spent on first class flights for Vice-Chancellor Steve Smith last year

Apparently spending £200 a night on hotel rooms is ‘cost-effective’

We went on a three-legged night out and it was awful

It wasn’t as fun as it sounds

Being white and middle class is actually really hard

Sometimes we have to buy clothes from Primark

Here’s round two of the election interviews with Exeter Revue

‘How many nipples are there in the world?’

We interviewed the election candidates with Exeter Revue

‘If a picture says a thousand words, then what drug are you on?’

Be The Change want to smash the stigma of mental health on campus

There will be an open forum to share your experiences

I took a break from my dissertation to go on Take Me Out

The best part was walking down the stairs

Exeter Uni’s Mr Pringle named one of the top LGBT execs in the UK

He’s the one who banned Varsity due to student’s ‘anti-social behaviour’

People who need to GET OUT of the library

Chatting to your mates and eating crisps in the quiet rooms should be against the law

Firehouse hosts ‘controversial’ suicide-themed pub quiz

Some regulars chose not to attend due to feeling ‘uncomfortable’

Choosing your housemates? These are the people you NEED to avoid

Seriously – they’re awful

TabTV: Boozeround

Like the actual news, but with alcohol and costumes

Did you get lucky last night? Pullcam reveals all

You got with people, and we took photos

Sexism on campus culture tackled by pioneering student

And the Guild want nothing to do with it

Binky ‘suspiciously’ postponed her night at TP and no one cared

Did anyone notice?

Binky Felstead to host Clique Mondays at Timepiece…but there’s not much of an audience

‘Stop trying to make Monday TP happen, it’s not going to happen’

Forum taken over by silent sit-down rally to show solidarity with Hong Kong ‘Umbrella Revolution’

Are you watching, Xi Jinping?

We went to Detention in the Lemmy, and it was a bit rubbish

Much to everyone’s surprise, The Lemmy’s attempt to rival Timepiece Wednesday has fallen a little flat

Uni apologises for Freshers’ Week disturbances in letters to Exeter residents…including students

The guy’s email address is ‘[email protected]

Council plans restriction on private housing for students after hundreds of complaints from residents

‘Many people I speak to would not want to live in what they perceive as a student ghetto’

The psychology of Freshers: Inside the minds of this year’s Jung-bloods

What your Freshers’ Group post says about your mental state

First ever South West Blog Social hosted by two Exeter students

Bloggers flock from far and wide to attend Exeter event

Queue do you think you are?: Enchanted Garden Ball organisers admit ‘deep regret’ after ‘dangerous’ and ‘disgraceful’ melée

Punters unleash fury on EGB Facebook page after hour-long queues

Rookie Fair: The New Course of e-Commerce

Rookie Fair, brainchild of brother and sister duo Rebecca and Ollie Marshall, combines innovative web strategy and carefully curated designers to give you one nifty online pop-up shop.

The Perks of Sober Clubbing

Because not everyone needs alcohol to have a good time.

Exeter Nightlife: Best and Worst dressed

Searching amidst Exeter’s nightlife, Tab Fashion once again hunts the best and worst dressed amongst us.

Life Behind Bars: Moberly House Responds

Student lore calls it the inspiration for Azkaban, but Moberly isn’t all soul-sucking horror.

Fashion in the Forum

Tab Fashion reveals the results of their latest search for student style.

Exeter Emeralds dominate at cheer competition

Exeter Emeralds bring home an impressive 8 trophies from a recent competition.

Exeter University’s top female bloggers

From beauty product reviews to London Fashion week, they’ve got it covered, all while completing their degrees.

What’s in my Wardrobe: Albertine Brandon

One of The Tab Exeter’s Fashion Editors, Albertine Brandon, gives you a glimpse inside her wardrobe.

3 must-have items for wet weather

Why does it always rain on me? Tab Fashion gives you their top 3 items to avoid those wet weather woes.

Fashion soc’s annual fashion show: International and Retro catwalk

The Tab shares its photos from the annual Fashion society show.

Fashion soc’s annual fashion show: Semi-formal and Urban catwalk

The Tab shares its photos from the annual Fashion Society show.

Fashion soc’s annual fashion show: meet the models

Tab Fashion meets the models cast for this Saturday’s fashion show

All-weather outfits: Transitional wear photo shoot

Tab fashion shares our favourite transitional pieces – perfect for any type of weather

What’s in your wardrobe: Hannah Allcock

Fashion Society’s Secretary gives Tab Fashion a peek inside her wardrobe

What NOT to wear to the gym

The ultimate stereotypes that you HAVE to avoid

The Dos and Don’ts of wearing a beanie

The Tab’s definitive guide to wearing edgy headgear

Fashion Society: Calendar Photoshoot

Tab fashion shares their favourite photos from Fashion Society’s 2014 calendar photo shoot

Fashion in The Forum: Christmas Special

Tab Fashion reveals the results of their search for festive outfits in The Forum

Fashion Society Freak Chic Shoot

Tab Fashion shares their favourite photos from one of Fashion Society’s photo shoots.

Tab Fashion Christmas Crackers

‘Tis the season to be jolly, but Tab Fashion also thinks ’tis the season to look good.

Exeter Nightlife: Best and Worst Dressed

Searching amidst Exeter’s nightlife, Tab Fashion hunts the best and worst dressed amongst us.

Top five winter wear items

Tab Fashion shares what you need in your wardrobe for this winter.

Exeter Style-Cycle: The clothes-swapping forum for students

Supported by NPower and People and Planet, Exeter Style-Cycle clothes swap is an alternative to fast fashion – and an easy way to save some money.

Fashion In The Forum

Tab Fashion reveals the results of their latest search for student style in The Forum.

Style Spotter: Lock-in Fashion

Tab Fashion reveals the results of their latest search for student style.

Student Lock-In: Best Bargains

Last Wednesday, Tab Fashion headed down to Princesshay Shopping Centre to find out which stores had the best bargains at the Student Lock-In.

Tab Fashion’s Must Have Items

Tab Fashion shares this week’s most wanted fashion item: a textured jacket.