BEST BUMS: The Results

You picked their bums (naughty) – now hear what the winners have got to say

You’ve shown a ‘hole lotta love’ for the boys’ and girls’ best bums this week. Over 1,500 of you cast your vote in what political pundits are hailing as “the most important election of this month. Like, by a bloody mile”. Without further ado, here are your winners – and the clubs in which you’re most likely to track down these tushes.

The Ladies


Millicent, Year 3 International Business Biosciences

“If you think this a second-place arse, you should see me squat.” Favourite night out: Thursday Moz, Wednesday TP or Tuesday Cellar Door.

First place

Constance, Year 2 Metaphysical Geography and Port Science

 “I am so proud that my three years here, have now not gone to waste. I would like to thank my housemate who without their help, I could not have entered. “Happy to say I now have probably the best student bum in the world!” Favourite night out: “Definitely TP on a W`ednesday especially the Lacrosse shed.”

The Gents


Horace, 4th year Equality Journalism

“To be frank, I can’t help but feel slightly robbed.” “Having said that, though, I can’t be too bummed out with Exeter’s second best bum.” Favourite night out: Thursday Moz.

First place

Ranulph, 1st year Horse Whispering

“Receiving this prestigious accolade makes me smile from cheek to cheek. “People should know that a lot of hard work goes in behind the scenes – I’m quite anal about maintaining my form.” Favourite night out: Thursday Moz.