The Perks of Sober Clubbing

Because not everyone needs alcohol to have a good time.

Here at the Tab we love our alcohol.  Nothing prepares you for the Lemmy quite like a fishbowl consisting of red wine, vodka, gin and orange juice.  However, for some people alcohol isn’t the be all and end all of clubbing and, quite shockingly, some people actually venture into Exeter’s finest clubs without a drop of alcohol in their system.  Therefore, we thought we would share a few perks of ditching the hard stuff before a big night out.

Okay maybe this vodka is just too good to give up.

Okay, so your first thoughts were probably along the lines of ‘But without alcohol I’m just not in the mood to go clubbing!’.  Well, we have a very simple solution for you-energy drinks.  The caffine will give you all the energy you need to bust out your best moves on the top top floor of TP minus the embarrassing side effects of alcohol-such as passionately embracing someone you mistake for your friend or attempting one of your more complex dance moves and ending up facing the ceiling.


Ever woken up partially clothed on your bedroom floor with no recollection of how you got there, or even which club you were in last night?  We’ve all been there, but staying sober means you’ll always remember what you got up to the night before and, you won’t ever have to check your phone for embarrassing texts or calls to ex-boyfriends/girlfriends, potential employers or  your parents!  You’ll also have the upper hand in your friendship group, while nobody else remembers what they did or with whom, you will and with all the cards in your hands, you can have a lot of fun drip feeding them stories of the night before.

I woke up like this #flawless

Hangovers are something that really deserve to be put into room 101.  Spending half a day coiled up in bed battling crippling thirst and hunger while debating if it’s worth risking the possibility of chundering during a trip to the kitchen  is no fun.  However, after a sober night out, you’ll wake up feeling fresh as a daisy and while your housemates are on the brink of death, you can happily carry on with your day minus last night’s jägerbombs lurking in your system.

Unfortunately sobriety doesn’t make you immune from the occasional wardrobe malfunction!

Finally, staying sober just means you’re generally a better person.  Like a phoenix rising out of the ashes of generation me, teetotallers have the personality and charisma that others seek to replicate via alcohol.  Confident enough to take to the dancefloor without blurred vision or reduced motor control, and bold enough to take responsibility for their actions in the morning, they put us drinkers to shame.  So, if you’ve got the self-confidence to give sobriety a go, we thoroughly recommend you do, you might surprise yourself and actually enjoy it!