Gay hotspots for students revealed around the University and city

Gay hotspots for students revealed at the University and around the city


Exeter students have been visiting gay cruising hotspots around the University and city, according to

The library at the University has been rated 3.5 stars, with 2243 votes, and Northernhay Gardens is popular with students but is open to “all types”.

The bus station on Paris Street, which has been described as catering to “Old, young (university students) [and] passers-through.”, is a “large area in a U-shape, so cruising easy.”

St Davids train station has been highlighted as a spot for “all types”, and the Guildhall shopping centre has been labelled as suitable for students and shoppers.

Exeter Central is also popular, with “All types, Students, Suits, Builders, some old” visiting this hotspot.

St Davids Hill also features on the site, with no additional information.

Gay cruising involves “cruising” for sex by walking or driving around local areas in search of an anonymous, casual and one-time sexual partners.