Charlie’s over 25’s club changes its tune

Surprise, surprise: Charlie’s Live Lounge is now not only exclusive to over-25s

Charlie's Live Lounge the tab the tab exeter

Last November the Tab reported how Charlie’s Live Lounge, a club strictly for over-25 year olds, was set to open near St. Thomas Station in Exeter.

However, within just three months the club has lowered its age restriction by seven years, after realising just how indispensable we students really are.

The club, located on Cowick Street, will now open its doors to over 18s after 7pm, with a more relaxed dress code and no coat charge for guests.

Charlie’s will now let students through its doors

Rebecca Weaver, the business woman behind the club’s opening and its no-student policy has obviously had a change of heart after previously stating: “I wanted to be able to enjoy a sophisticated night out with my like-minded friends without the rowdiness of a younger crowd which often ensues because of an irresponsibility towards alcohol intake.”

So if you do fancy a ‘sophisticated night out’ then why not try ‘Wine Wednesdays’ in the downstairs Charlie’s Bar, complete with centre-piece piano, or even check out the mezzanine floor with its Karaoke Room and VIP member’s only lounge.

Alternatively, Charlie’s Live Lounge, located on the upper level serves cocktails and food throughout the evenings with waiter service to ensure there is no queuing at the bars.

According to Rebecca, the club is a “live music venue rather than a nightclub. What we’re about is music, food and fizz!”