The Tab tries: Beer pong

Pong? Tab writer Sam Goldblatt finds out what the fuss is all about

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For most of us, Beer Pong is the stuff of American Pie – or the chaotic last resort when we have become tired of Ring of Fire. However, the Beer Pong Society, or to give them their non-alcoholic Guild name, the ‘Pong Society,’ have officially brought this sport to Exeter.

Getting cosy with the Princes (and Princess) of Pong

The society was set up three years ago and contains an impressive 150 members. On arriving in Exeter’s classiest venue, Walkabout, any fears of being force-fed beer by enormous frat boys are immediately silenced. The head of the society and its social sec, Jonny Chandler and Max Edmonds, are easy going and keen to welcome everyone.

Look at that concentration…

Even a complete novice like myself was quickly thrown into the deep end, playing against veterans who ought to be given access to the High Performance gym. The game itself takes you through the emotional highs and lows of a penalty shootout.

Although the Guild has done its best to try and subdue Beer Pong, the drinking is now only as intense as you want it to be: the famous red cups are full of water but you still drink from your own glasses when you land a shot.

While Beer Pong is unlikely to be making an appearance at Rio 2016, it is certainly an activity that requires far more skill and coordination that I am capable of. However, it is definitely a fun way to pass an evening and even better way to get you ready for Cheesy Tuesdays with other budding beer-athletes.