UPDATE: Exeter ranks among top ten Sugar Daddy universities

University of Exeter ranks eighth in the latest list of UK student Sugar Babies

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Whilst most of us scrap over small-time, average-pay positions in the Students’ Guild, it looks like some female Exeter students have found an alternative (and far more lucrative) revenue stream: Sugar Daddies.

Placed in eighth position, 122 female University of Exeter students have signed up to the ‘Sugar Daddy’ dating website Seekingarrangement.com, which has risen drastically in popularity since tuition fees rose to £9,000

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Seekingarrangement.com’s homepage

Used by deep-pocketed businessmen – most of whom boast annual incomes of around £170,000 – the website allows female students to sign up free if they use their university email addresses, entitling them to premium membership.

In exchange for a relationship, Sugar Daddies often spoil their matches (nicknamed ‘Sugar Babies’) with gifts and cash allowances, resulting in the average female student on the site receiving £5,000 a month.

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Some of Seekingarrangement.com’s bachelors

In February 2013, The Tab interviewed one of Exeter’s Sugar Babies, then aged 20, who said: “I’ve been offered Skyping and talking on the phone for a month for £2000 a month.

“Another offered me to have regular threesomes with his other Sugar Baby for £3000. He’s American and is in London between three and four days a month, so it’d probably be for that period of time.”

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Some of Seekingarrangement.com’s female members

Though a survey last year revealed 80% of matches on Seeking Arrangement reportedly lead to sex, its founder Brandon Wade denied it was a form of prostitution.

“Because the relationship between a Sugar Daddy and a Sugar Baby is romantic in nature,” he said, “most sugar relationships will likely involve sex.”


One of University of Exeter’s Sugar Babies

“And because a Sugar Daddy is expected to be the generous gentleman, money will always be spent on the sugar baby. I don’t see anything wrong (or illegal) with that!”

In response to the site, Exeter’s Sugar Baby said: “I don’t know if I see it as prostitution […]. If someone is actively giving you money it’s not good. If someone is paying you for your company and you have sex with them then it is prostitution, in my opinion anyway.”

True or false? Some of the site's reviews

True or false? Some of the site’s reviews

In regard to Exeter’s Sugar Babies, Chris Rootkin, VP Welfare & Community, said: “I would urge our members to think carefully about their safety when using sites such as Seekingarrangement.com.”

“If any students are using these channels as a result of financial difficulties, I would encourage them to approach the Students’ Guild Advice Unit where our advisors can discuss ways to manage money and seek additional support.”

Leading Sugar Baby Universities:

1. University of Kent: 208

2. University of Nottingham: 195

3. University of Manchester: 175

4. University of Cambridge: 166

5. University of Leeds: 143

6. University of St. Andrews: 141

7. University of Bristol: 134

8. University of Exeter: 122

9. University of Northampton: 117

10. University of Westminster: 110

11. Queens University of Belfast: 100

12. University of Arts London: 89

13. University of Essex: 83

14. London School of Economics: 72

15. Glasgow Caledonian University: 65

16. Goldsmith University of London: 61

17. King’s College London: 59

18. University of Ulster: 54

19. University of Worcester: 51

20. Swansea University: 49

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