How to shed your post-Christmas poundage

Christmas is done, exams are over, put the biscuits down!

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Most of us will have had a traumatic, sleepless exam week, eating our feelings to staunch the ulcer-causing stress of revision. Three exams in three days? I’ll take a vat of energy drinks and a truckload of ham paninis, please.

But that’s all over now. So, after you’ve shat out the final remnants of Red Bull swilling around your belly, remind yourself that its 2014 and time to be the shining beacon of goodwill and health.

To combat those unwanted pounds hanging around your waistlines, simply follow these simple and easy steps to help bin those burgers.

1. Stop

Think about what you actually want. Most binges are impulsive – could you replace your sugary snacks with a proper meal?

If the answer is yes, make one and eat it. Carbs keep you full for longer and the slow release variety (brown rice or pasta, for example) help combat cravings throughout the day.

And, no, chicken flavoured Supernoodles don’t count. Unfortunately, neither does the humble Pot Noodle.

First class food for a first class student

2. Swap

Use simple replacements for your usual guilty pleasures, such as going from the standard chocolate to the posh stuff – only a few pennies more in terms of cost.

Having a row of dark chocolate will satisfy your choccy craving and provide a far more intense flavour. Quality over quantity, any day.

Not only that, though, but it’s also an aphrodisiac. Before you know it, you’ll be popping the Green&Blacks like Tic Tacs in between bouts of rampant shagging with the fittest person on campus. (Claim!)

70% of the time, it works EVERY time.

3. Exercise

The thought of voluntarily going for a run might make you want to jump in front of a moving car, but its the  most obvious answer to counteract stuffing your face with crisps.

Do something active: star-jumps, squats – even roll yourself down Forum hill. Take an hour out of your day, and afterwards you’ll feel refreshed and reinvigorated.

I can do this. I CAN DO THIS!

4. Find inspiration

Probably my best piece of advice. Nobody wants to be the person so fat they have to rope in a relative to clean the grease between their tummy rolls with an industrial sized Q-Tip.

Just watch The Biggest Loser and then ask yourself, “Do I want to be like that?” Exactly. Put that chocolate digestive down, fatty.

Or just stick this image on your wall