There’s rah-ther a lot of us

Research reveals that nearly a third of Exeter’s students were privately educated.

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• Nearly 30% of Exeter students were educated privately
• Oxford and Cambridge lead the list of privileged students
• London South Bank University comes in last place

Following research published by the Sutton Trust, it looks like the widespread rumour about Exeter’s rah reputation is well-founded.

Investigating the education gap between poor and privileged students at English universities, the research reveals 28% of Exeter’s student population was privately educated.

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University of Exeter.

In contrast to London South Bank University, where nearly a quarter of its students received them, just one percent of Exeter’s students were given free school meals whilst at school.

Unsurprisingly, topping the list of privately-educated students were Oxford (46.6%) and Cambridge (42.7%), with Durham (38.3%) and Bristol (36.8) not far behind.


Oxford University.

Examining data from 2005-2007, the Sutton Trust has compared their statistics to US universities, where the proportion of students from poorer backgrounds is often far higher.

At Harvard University in 2008/9, 15% of its students were on Federal Pell Grants, the bursary given to undergraduates from low-income families.

Harvard University.

Harvard University.

For a full list of the Sutton Trust’s data, click here.