The Tab’s Rising Stars: Ollie

The Tab caught up with cricketing fresher Ollie to discuss Ozzie girls and all things EUMCC-related.

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Having reached BUCS semi-finals last year, EUMCC will be hoping to go one better this year, and one EUMCC member who might help them get there is fresher Ollie.

This week, The Tab met up with him to find out a bit about his sporting background and how he is finding life at Exeter – both on and off the field. Here’s what he had to say:

Eyes not quite on the prize, Ollie.

Andrew Curtis (AC): Do you have any cricketing heroes?

Ollie (O): Ricky Ponting.

AC: Why an Aussie!?

O: I’m half Australian, and I loved the arrogance with which he batted. But also (Paul) Collingwood, for his lack of talent but unbelievable mental strength.

AC: So half Aussie, half English. Who are you supporting in The Ashes?

O: Definitely England.

AC: But, if you had the chance, would you play for the Aussies?

Looking swish, Ollie (right).

O: I would have to consider it.

AC: Did you take a gap year before Uni?

O: Yeh, I played cricket for University of Western Australia. Their University team play in the 1st Grade out there.

AC: Is the standard a lot better?

O: Yeah top level cricket, their 1st grade, is pretty much the equivalent of County 2nd XI.

AC: Did you play this at all?

O: No but we had a pretty strong side. Ashton Agar was in it along with the Aussie U19s captain.

Ashton Agar playing in the most recent Ashes series.

AC: So playing for the University side, were you involved on their campus much?

O: Well I lived about ten minutes away, but we certainly had a few socials in some establishments not unlike the Lemmy! I’d say their drinking isn’t quite as strong as over here mind.

AC: Controversial, but I can’t say I disagree with you.

Us Englishmen do jugs just for fun…

AC: So you say they had some establishments like the Lemmy, would it be up there as a favourite night out in Exeter?

O: Well it’s a tough call between EX4 and The Lemmy isn’t it? No, I’m a big fan of roaming around on top floor in Mosaic.

AC: So Aussie Girls or English Girls?

O: Hmm, Aussie Girls are better equipped physically, but English girls are more fun to be around.

These three look ‘fun’ and well ‘equipped’.

AC: So obviously you’ll be playing for the Uni, but will you be playing for a county at all this summer?

O: Not initially, I’m not contracted anywhere at the moment.

AC: But you’re with Hampshire right?

O: Yeh, I played for the Hampshire 2nd XI a fair bit this year, which went well but they have some young guys coming through and I don’t want to just end up batting (number) seven.

Ollie scoring his first hundred for Hampshire 2nd XI

AC: Do you have any other plans?

O: Yeh I played for Kent 2s a bit last year as well.

AC: Runs?

O: Yeh a few 70s.

AC: Good stuff, so you may have a chance there?

O: Yeh it’s just very competitive.

AC: Well best of luck! I’m sure we’ll all be watching out to hear your name in the future both for the University and beyond!

Think these blazers may just give away what halls Ollie’s in…