Hannah Berney does Baywatch

The Uni’s favourite songstress covers an Exeter classic specially for The Tab.

Earlier this year, back when we were The Drop, Hannah Berney recorded Exeter’s favourite club song ‘Baywatch’ as a special thank you to all our readers. 



Up coming single

As well as being an avid reader of The Tab, Hannah will be kept busy this term  working on her first chart release. She is currently working with the producer behind Wiley’s recent no.1, ‘Heatwave’ and Jim Lowe the Stereophonic’s producer.

Hannah told The Tab it was “good fun.”

The History and French third year is no stranger to working with big names. This summer she appeared with Tinchy Stryder, Skepta, Sarah Cox and others at Breakin Out Festival, Abergavenny.

You can head down and spot the campus celeb when she gigs at the Football Varsity at St James Park on October 3rd.