Update: St James Area Burglaries

Devon and Cornwall Police figures confirm spate of burglaries in student housing.

burglary Exeter st james vic street


Devon and Cornwall Police have revealed the exact burglary figures for the St James area of Exeter in February, where last week there were reports of students apprehending trespassers. 
A statement from the police press office revealed that "between 29th January and 25th February 2012, there were a total of eight burglaries recorded within the St James Ward."
The statement continues that these burglaries equate to 25.8% of all the recorded crimes within this area for this period. Last week, the Drop released interviews with Damian Jeffries and Laurence James, both of whom are Exeter students who had actively sought to combat the invasion of their properties. 
If you have information on any burglaries in the ward at this time, contact Devon and Cornwall Police by dialing 101.