Edi students told us the 19 most insane reasons why they never got their deposits back

‘A singular petit pois left in the fridge’

There are some things in life we are destined to never get back. Our childlike wonder, happiness, that one sock you put in the washing machine and our flat deposit. No matter what you will never get all of it back.

So we asked Edi students what the craziest reasons they didn’t get their deposits back, and you all really delivered. Without further ado, here’s 19 of the most insane reasons Edi students didn’t get their deposits back.

1. ‘Dust on the surfaces of the flat we gave back a full month earlier’

You should be able to stop the passage of time so I mean this is completely justifiable.

2. ‘Tried to keep £100 for a tiny speck of dust on a bedside table’

That’s one valuable piece of dust.

3. ‘We left a pair of heels and they charged us a removal fee’

It’s so expensive to pick up a pair of heels and remove them from the flat.

4. ‘Crumbs in my room sprinkled by the estate agent’

It’s giving salt bae vibes.

5. ‘Removal of tenants items, the item removed? One sock’

Let’s all pray it wasn’t THE sock.

6. ‘Muddy footprints on the carpet he’d made when walking in to check on the flat’

This sums up all landlords.

7. ‘Because a door was squeaky’

It was the flat mouse trying to stitch you up.

8. ‘Overuse of our doors and their locks’

How dare you actually use doors and locks like normal people.

9. ‘Bird poo on the outside of the window’

Wait some people can’t control where birds poo?

10. ‘She heavily implied I shat on my bed’

I need to know where she got this idea from.

11. ‘Not dusting the telephone intercom’


12. ‘She sent us photos of a toilet that was not ours with s**t stains all over it. Got the full deposit back when we threatened to take it further’

It was probably hers, let’s be honest.

13. ‘Charged us for their parking to inspect the property, even though we lived above their office’

You can’t make this stuff up.

14. ‘For one singular hair in a drawer’

A secret surprise.

15. ‘They claimed they couldn’t figure out how to give it back to us’

I’m sure they had no idea…

16. ‘We left a shower curtain in the bathroom’

I swear you could leave them actual gifts or flat improvements and they’d still remove the deposit.

17. ‘A singular petit poi left in the fridge’

Poor lonely petit poi.

18. ‘We didn’t move the 50 tonne piano back into the cupboard’

I just want to know what kind of boujee flats you guys are all living in.

19. ‘I replaced their broken lampshade with a brand new one that was exactly the same but apparently it was deemed as leaving rubbish’

Refer to my number 16 comment.

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