Take this trivia quiz and we’ll tell you how well you really know Edinburgh

Do you know your Grassmarket from your Haymarket, or do you still use Google Maps to get to campus?

When you tell people you study at Edinburgh, you’ll probably be met with coos not dissimilar to the noises people would use to address a small child.

“Isn’t it gorgeous, I love it, how nice” are standard responses, and chances are they will recount to you their trips here in great detail. There is no other city people prefer to recount their mini-breaks to than Edinburgh.

However, as a student, you spend a lot less time on the Royal Mile and Arthur’s Seat, and a lot more at the takeaways, on Cowgate, and in Lidl.

Edinburgh has a rich history and gorgeous centre, which your parents were probably taken by when you decided to come here. But, if we’re being honest, most people visit the museums and the Royal Mile only when friends from other unis are visiting, or when procrastination hits an absolute all-time high.

The only other reason you will catch Edi students on the Royal Mile is to take artsy photos (especially if you’re an international student) in order to prove to Instagram that Edinburgh is, in fact, living up to the dreamy-dark-academia-TikTok For You Page dream we wish it was.

On that note, here’s a quiz testing your knowledge on Edinburgh history, culture and geography (humanities students be ready). Let’s see if you really know your George Street from your George Square, and which kinds of animals are weirdly associated with the city.


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