Edinburgh Clubbers of the Week: Feeling fine in week nine

It’s a wonder anyone has managed to go clubbing with all the deadlines coming up

It’s week nine, and Edinburgh students have still managed to go clubbing in droves, despite most people having at least three pieces of work due at uni – we love multitasking! Super proud of everyone for squashing their uni-related anxiety and still going out to provide some excellent pictures for us all to peruse.

The Christmas Market is finally opening (providing us all an excellent excuse to spend £20 on a cheese toastie and a cup if lukewarm mulled wine) and everyone organising their plans to travel home. But with the semester drawing to a close, let us enjoy some fabulously embarrassing pictures of students celebrating the last few club nights of the semester!

Album Cover of the Week


Red smoke = insanely cool

Runners Up

DJ play Love in This Club by Usher, thanks mate

Very 2000s P!nk vibes yknow?

Don’t let the Chainsmokers see this

“Everybody in love, go put your hands up” (shoutout JLS reunion woo)

Creeper of the Week


“Sir, sir, please remove yourself from the frame”

Runners Up

Creeping in on pics, but make it cute!

Unhappy creeper 🙁

The ghost of creepers past in the back

A very far away creeper on the top left, but a creeper nonetheless

Posh annoying creeper: unlocked

Hero of the Week


If you love ABBA do a peace sign

Runners Up

Just two cheeky babes having a laugh

Shoutout club staff once again! Who else would drunk girls take pictures with?

The feeding of the five thousand, but make it 2021

Two taken kings behaving responsibly – shoutout to their significant others wooo!

Harry Styles says fuck off

Heroine of the Week


Queen of the Night

Runners Up

This woman looked death in the eyes and said, put a sparkler in my mouth

Had to feature this queen again because she’s a legend

The feminine urge to stare into men’s souls

“Omg babe look at the ceiling”

Mutant of the Week


It’s giving year 3 school picture

Runners Up

This man has mutated into the ghost of a Victorian child

“Yeah mate I’m actually a black belt, watch this”

That delightful moment when you’re brain just goes “Fuck, that’s going on Clubbers of the Week”

Stunners of the Week


We all love a man in a suit don’t we….

Runners Up


Winston Churchill wants his hand gesture back lads x

Two beautiful babes!

Prettiest friendship group you’ve ever seen

I feel like this girls eyes could hypnotise 70% of all Edinburgh men

Left to right; STUNNING

Two best friends, doing fun shit

When you and your mate have totally different vibes but you make it work and stay stunning 24/7

Third-Wheel of the Week


HOW many guys want to ruin this pic omg

Feeling like the guy on the left is not matching the energy…

The further back you go, the more third wheels you encounter

Cheeky side third wheel

Unhappy Clubber of the Week


The fear this girl is display in her eyes – the unhappiest clubber

Runners Up

“Oh shit I have a 9am tomorrow morning”

A man with no sauce is lost, but the same man can be lost in the sauce….

Wanker of the Week


Incredibly rude please stop sir

Runners Up

Vaping on camera and getting a green drink? You’re done, you’re done

Either this man is pretending to smoke, or he’s impersonating an Italian chef – either way, get in the bin

Petition to ban vaping club pictures 2k21

WTFs of the Week


This is a very renaissance-esque image and I’m here for it

Runners Up

Part 2 because it’s just that funny

Shock and joy in the same face


Winner of the Best Facepaint of the Week

Scream if you have an essay in tomorrow!

Best of the Rest

Photography credits

Kealan Bond (Flare Monday and Love Wednesday)

Neil Stewart (Tamagotchi Tuesday)

James Gourlay (Distrikt Monday, ICE Wednesday and Rascals)

Thomas Michael (Hive)

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