Edinburgh Clubbers of the Week: Feeling not-so-great in week eight

Read this article if the passage of time is scaring you – only three weeks of the semester left…

Week 8 is over and we are nearing the end of semester one at a rapid pace – the Teviot Christmas lights have gone on, the Christmas Market is taking shape, and everyone’s sanity is slowly disappearing as we near exam and deadline season.

To take your mind off all those silly little essays and exams, why not peruse the best clubbing pics of week eight and think about how much more fun clubbing is than doing work!

Album Cover of the Week


Rock and Roll at Tama Tues

Runners Up

Naughty naughty….

Popstars in the making here clearly

It’s giving indie-pop with a y2k influence

Put your hands in the air like you don’t care

Creeper of the Week


The lad in the back is loving it

Runners Up

So many creepers in this pic I feel like I’m shoe shopping in 2013

The awkward “lean back and pull a fcae” when you realise you’ve got in someone else’s picture

A rare creeper in the foreground moment, someone tell this man to stop ruining a beautiful moment between two babes!

So blissfully unaware of the chaos happening in the back…

Hero of the Week


Winner winner golden ticket dinner

Runners Up

Hero feeling himself on the dancefloor yay!

Elton John called, he’d like his glasses and haircut back

Two kings enjoying life together

Shoutout barstaff, we love you!

Pure love and joy is radiating from this image

Heroine of the Week


Bow down and worship this woman, for she is a goddess

Runners Up

Give this girl an award for capturing the essence of an entire night out in one image

Cheeky queens

“DO NOT under any circumstances text him back OMG”

Mutant of the Week


It’s giving me “let’s annoy the photographer all night” vibes

Runners Up


If he doesn’t look at you like this man looks at his friend’s VK, he’s not worth it


Surprisingly not very many neck rolls in this pic, someone’s been using their gua sha

Stunner of the Week


Runners Up

Peace and pout, sweetie

This is a renaissance-esque image, and I’m here for it

I’ve never seen sunflower yellow pulled off better than on this man

Three best friends in a room…

It’s giving 1920s Parisian chic

Third Wheel of the Week


Third wheel = whoever’s hands are on these poor girl’s heads

Runners Up

Third wheeling so hard that this guy is pretending to be putting his arm round someone

Can’t tell who actually is the third wheel, but it’s someone

Unhappy Clubbers of the Week


That horrible moment when it’s your mate’s turn to take a picture with the £80 bottle of Smirnoff you all chipped in for

Runners Up

When it’s 2:59 and the lights are about to go up

Smile through the pain king…

I’m unhappy about this man’s shirt

“Fuck, I told my flatmates I was going to the lib and now I’ve been papped at Subway”

Cheer up babe!

Wanker of the Week


Someone tell this guy vaping hasn’t been cool since 2016

Runner Up

The face alone is enough to make me hate this man

WTFs of the Week


Maddest fringe I’ve ever seen

Poor lad, he just wanted to get a Venom and leave

*insert spiderman meme*

This pic makes me wanna sun scream

Best of the rest

Lovelies at Love Wednesday

Now that Little Mix are in tatters we can replace them with these lovely girlies

This make me wanna get a nose piercing tbh

Mate it’s already dark in the club why do you need sunglasses

I would love to know the context of this pic

I’ll have whatever she’s having…

You alright pal?

I have, in fact, seen not just two pretty best friends but four

Photographer Credits:

James Gourlay (ICE Wednesday)

Neil Stewart (Tamagotchi)

David Stewart (Slice Saturday)

Kealan Bond (Flare Monday and Love Wednesday)

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