All the things Edi students are manifesting this summer

1. No more lockdowns

The sun is shining, people have put on their slightly lighter puffy waterproof coats, men are bringing out the flip-flop-and-shorts combo, and you can feel the seasonal depression leaving the air because exams will soon be over. Yes, it’s approaching summer in Edinburgh!

After a long year of Covid, online learning and a general sense of desolation, a fab Edi summer is very much needed.

So, here’s all the things Edi students are using tarot cards, crystals and spells to manifest this year to make sure this summer starts with a bang.

1. The sun staying out for more than two minutes

Imagine the sun making an appearance that lasted longer than the time it takes to walk to the meadows and find a spot? One can only dream.

Since students have been inside all year it’s time to enjoy the sun in all its glory, even if it is accompanied by the chilly winds of Edi which never seem to go away.

You’ll have to enjoy the sun in your big puffer jacket, but at least it’s not raining.

2. No rubbish on the meadows

Barbies, beers and besties is what we’re going for – minus the mess.

It’s really not the best when empty beer cans make the Meadows a weird form of obstacle course, or when your favourite picnic spot has been taken over by empty pizza boxes. So we’re also manifesting bins, bin bags and best behaviour like the good citizens that we are.

3. The Fringe bringing Edinburgh to life again

Even if it means you literally cannot cross the streets of New Town because everyone will be pressed together on the pavement like sardines, Edi will be its bustling and popular self again, brimming with culture and fun

Plus it’s nice to have some human contact, even if it is sweaty, gross and short-lived.

4. Immaculate vibes at The Pear Tree

If the vibes aren’t like there’s a rugby game on with only one minute left and the teams have the same amount of points so the atmosphere is chaotically fun, then the meaning of The Pear Tree may be lost forever.

Pints better be thrown. People better be screaming for no reason and sitting on each other’s laps because of just how full it is. Only pure havoc is acceptable. 

5. No queues along Princes Street for any shop or restaurant

This is more wishful thinking than manifesting, but some hope is better than no hope.

We want £1 thongs and socks from Primark and we want them now. We want to go to Ryman’s for no reason to get folders and notepads for next year (which we will probably never use). We NEED to get into that restaurant for bottomless brunch.

We’ve waited a whole two weeks longer than England for this and no one is getting in our way.

6. Tanning at Portobello

There’s nothing quite like sitting on a damp, crusty towel covered in sand trying to get a tan in Scotland.

Ice-cream and fish and chips are a must, even if they cost you a ridiculous amount of money. Maybe if the water feels slightly warmer than its usual minus two degrees, a dip in the sea could also be on the activity list.

7. Loans never running out 

Ah, the good old student loan. It’s meant for the essentials, right? Well, now sun cream and cans of beer are essential items and must be stocked up on.

This simply is not the time to think rationally and budget each and every penny. No. This is the time to make incredibly poor financial decisions.

And if you run out of money, there’s always the overdraft – I’m willing to be £700 in debt if it means I’ve had a good time this summer.

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