The complete guide to what your fave Edinburgh sunspot says about you

Sun’s out tinnies out!

Vitamin D? In Edinburgh? I don’t know her.

It’s so rare it’s almost a miracle. But when the sun does manage to peep through Edi’s grey clouds, it’s something worth celebrating. So much so that people suddenly feel the urge to leave their flats – the wildest thing we can do this year!

But where exactly do you go to soak up some rays? Well, it says a lot about you. So, here’s a totally scientific and research-based guide to tell you what your favourite Edinburgh sunspot reveals about you as a person.

The Meadows

You have to be right where all the action is. If you’re not sitting surrounded by pizza boxes and empty cans then you aren’t actually having a uni experience. You probably deeply enjoy bumping into the 80 friends you have all at once, running around to sit in different social circles every five seconds like a weird game of musical chairs. The police angry telling everyone to go home and pick up their litter is the only socially acceptable way to end your night out on the town (… or park, I guess).  Thank God your Marchmont flat is only three minutes away.

Calton Hill

You almost certainly live in New Town and think that the Meadows is far beneath you. You literally have to be above it by trekking up a hill. You like the finer things: why look at a bunch of grubby bins when you could admire Edinburgh in all its glory? I wouldn’t be surprised if you bring prosecco and cake from M&S to eat in wine glasses up there so you can talk about where in Italy you wish you could go to this year. Nothing wrong with a bit of elegance in muddy grass and chilly winds.

Bruntsfield Links

You’re still kinda basic, but you’ve got class. The views of rubbish lying around and the scary teenagers on bikes who might try to steal your Dark Fruits on the Meadows just don’t do it for you, so you sit and watch the peasants from a distance. You probably prefer peace and quiet as opposed to first years running around with excitement and playing terrible tunes. You blend right in with the more sophisticated crowd of yummy mummies pushing prams and dads cycling on their bikes.

Arthur’s Seat

You’re probably the kind of person who always has to be doing something. You cannot relax. Ever. If you’re going out for a bit of a sunbathe you also need to do a hike to feel accomplished. The views of Calton Hill just aren’t enough – you need something way more extreme. If you’re not drinking your Tennents on the edge of a cliff then you literally aren’t living your life on the edge.

Or you’re probably a fresher in Pollock who’s too scared to venture out beyond the safety of reception.

Inverleith Park

A bit rogue, but lovely. Being remotely near anyone is not what you came to this park for, so you probably love your own space. Total relaxation is your aim in this sanctuary of serenity – no children running around and no one you know is nearby. You’ve probably just popped to the Stockbridge market to pick up some organic avocados because you’re so put together. Maybe you’ve brought a yoga mat and iced latte with you. It’s the closest thing you can come to a holiday at this point.

Portobello Beach

You know those kinds of dads who run around in shorts and flip flops with terrible red tans and a can of beer in their hand during the summer? You radiate the same chaotic but loving energy. You probably have a swimsuit on under your clothes just in case you randomly fancy a dip because you’re so spontaneous and cool. The chopped wood in your backpack is ready to go in case you want to light a fire, so you’re nice and prepared. You’re also the kind of person who tries to recreate the aesthetic of going to uni in California or something because you’re just such a beach person and in tune with water.

Princes Street Gardens

You like being in the centre of it all but more in a metropolitan way. The sounds of the city and the sights of greenery at the same time really get you going – you love the best of both worlds. Chilling with students isn’t your vibe. You love chilling with various people of the Edinburgh population with Edi’s gothic architecture right in front of you.

Braid Hills

This has “a day out with the kids” vibes. You’re like the mum who says “go outside and play! It’s so nice!” because you’re so warm and encouraging. You have to make a spectacle, nay an event, out of the sunshine. You definitely don’t have time to lay around like those Meadows first years.

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