We asked Edi students for their weirdest lockdown purchases and they’re stranger than we thought

Definitely money well spent

After spending the past twelve months in and out of lockdowns with nothing to do but spend hours browsing the internet, it’s no surprise that some very questionable purchases have been made.

We asked Edi students over on The Tab Edinburgh Instagram what their weirdest lockdown buys have been so far, and let me tell you now they did not disappoint.

From matching R-Patz clothing sets to an actual live hedgehog, it doesn’t get stranger than this. Honestly, what were you thinking?

A 1 metre hot water bottle

“It’s a PAIN to actually fill up, but my quality of life is 1000 x cosier now.”

A bunch of giant rubber bands 

“They’re huge – I’ve included a 30cm ruler for scale.”

I like big rubber bands and I cannot lie

A lamp shaped like a gorilla from Wish 

“It never showed up.”

A plaster casting kit to create a replica of my right hand

“This is the result of my second attempt as the plaster was too wet in the first, resulting in a sorry sight of crumbled palm and fingers. On reflection, it’s weird that I still have it in my room.”

It’s okay if you need a helping hand during these hard times

A Teasmade from Lidl

“It makes me a cuppa in the morning, absolutely love!”

A hedgehog 

“Meet Twigs!”

Cuteness overload!!!!!

A 64 inch blonde wig

“I bought it just because I really wanted to, and to get some great instas”

A Wosh plush toy

“As I was mindlessly scrolling through Instagram last April, an advert for a ‘cuddly quarantine buddy’ caught my pandemic-addled eyes. It was Wosh. He looked like how it feels to be part of the group but not part of the conversation.

“I simply had to make an unnecessary purchase of $19.99 – it’s his eyes: they spoke to something primal within me. Shipping was supposed to take 2–3 weeks but it’s been 11 months and I still don’t have him with me. This is the best way I have ever been scammed.”

Picture courtesy of a fellow Edi student whose Wosh surprisingly did turn up

A really expensive pestle and mortar

“It was over £30 but 10/10 would do it again, no regrets.”

A sweatshirt and t-shirt set both with *that* picture of Robert Pattison in the tracksuit

No explanation needed.

Okay, but where can I get one?

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