VOTE: What’s the ugliest building on Edi’s campus?

It’s a toss up between Appleton and the main lib for me

Edinburgh’s full of sights. The historical landscape blended into its New Town surrounded by all the greenery, ugh, it’s a true beauty. It’s truly known for its beautifully scenic streets, old cobbled lanes and gothic architecture. We’re living in the city of dreams.

Having said that, the city has its fair share of eyesores. To make matters worse, sadly many of them fall on the University’s campus.

My oh my, there’s some shockers. The main library looks like it’s modelled off a multi-storey car park, Hugh Robson looks like a derelict prison and don’t even get me started on Appleton Tower.

Time to vote for your least favourite and decide once and for all the ugliest building on campus. Here are your contenders.

The Main Library

Our first contender in the mix. The main library, otherwise known as a 1970s multi-storey car park. Not sure who designed the building but let’s just say there wasn’t an awful lot of thought into the design of the building. I’d hardly call it something out of an architect’s portfolio, in fact I’d call it repulsive. It has my vote.


Appleton Tower

This building had little to no potential. A modern disaster piece in the midst of the Edi’s old gothic architecture, it stands out like a sore thumb. The only thing giving it any sort of clout on campus is that infamous story, otherwise it’s just an ugly tower block clogging up campus. Bin it.

The bin is waiting for you

Gordon Aikman lecture theatre

It’s just abhorrent. What’s worse than the view from the front? The view from the back. I’m not even sure how to describe it. It just embodies a broom cupboard that’s been neglected for 20 years, and needs to be deep cleaned inside out. I’m not even sorry I don’t have much in-person teaching if it means I get to escape the likes of this monstrosity.

What’s that green sludge down the side? Ew.

40 George Square

Formally DHT, this building is quite frankly the ugliest thing I’ve ever laid eyes on. Not only is it HUGE, it’s the biggest eyesore Edinburgh has to offer. As you gaze over the skyline from Arthur’s seat your eyes are caught by this huge block towering over campus. Visible from the top of Arthur’s seat, it really does attract itself for all the wrong reasons.

Why is it so tall!!!

Hugh Robson Building

You know when you wake up hungover, tired, and gross, this is what Hugh Robson embodies for me. It’s as if it hasn’t been washed in about 20 years. The bike racks offer nothing but a silver tinge to an already grim building. It’s the dead vibes for me.

Looks haunted from the off

Chrystal Macmillan Building

I think I just threw up a little. It looks halfway between a prison and a derelict train station. Masked by some bizarre door entry system, this building is nothing short of a monstrosity. With attempted masking by Union of Genius, it finds itself sticking out on campus like a sore thumb. Also, does any building really need a sign that big? Really?

Student village, Bristo Square

A late entry to the competition, but we all like a dark horse. This icon has only just reared its ugly head in 2020. Hopefully a temporary feature to campus, this big old portacabin distracts horrendously from the beauty that is McEwan Hall and Teviot. I hate it. Remove it pls.

As if 2020 wasn’t bad enough

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