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Two people were found passed out mid-shag in the Appleton Tower toilets

A new take on study breaks

At 1:30am this morning a couple were found, post-throes of passion, asleep on the lower ground floor of Appleton Tower.

The couple, presumably exhausted after a study break they'll certainly never forget, were found semi-naked by other late-night workers, presumably late responders to #Edifess2428.

Coincidentally, perhaps, around midnight last night someone tried their luck on Edifess, chancing their arm at whether anyone was keen to let out their deadline stress in "a good hiding spot".

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Great hiding spot mate!

Amazingly it seemed to work, and they would have gotten away with it if it weren't for you meddling kids!

At this stage we have more questions than we have answers. Was the sex so boring they couldn't be bothered to move from a pretty discoverable spot, post-shag? Why does the guy who walks past not react AT ALL to two passed out naked people? All we know for sure, is that we're all going to have to now live our lives with the above images seared onto our retinas.

In all fairness, props to the lucky couple. They've done something that most of us would much rather be occupying ourselves with when we're working our way through an all-nighter. Also, they're likely to be the first romance that started in Appleton Tower, the appreciation society would be proud.

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