Archie Charlton

Archie Charlton
Edinburgh University


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We met with the co-founders of Edinburgh’s sustainable fashion show

Sustainable fashion is an under-discussed environmental issue

Edinburgh University’s libraries have made over £780,000 in library fines since 2010

The library makes a pretty penny

Princess Anne spotted on George Square and inside the library

One of you might end up bagging a high-profile study buddy

Dead lizards and three-hour lectures: We spoke to Edi students about the realities of their years abroad

They took the incredible opportunity to travel beyond the Lothian Buses map

Humanities and Art students blatantly subsidise Science students and it’s not cool

We’ll be working for them one day anyway

Harry Potter themed escape rooms have just opened in Edinburgh

Did you know Harry Potter was written here?

The reality of life as an RA in Pollock

There’s more to it than the 75 per cent discount

The Gordon Aikman Lecture Theatre occupiers are considering occupying the library next

Not content with the current level of disruption, the library may be their next target

We spoke to the people running for EUSA President so you don’t have to

Comprehensive interviews with the candidates

Edi in the snow: Literally just a load of beaut Instas featuring snowy Edinburgh

You’ve clearly been putting as much effort into uni as I have into this article

Edinburgh Uni have finally released information about what to expect from the strikes

Finally they’ve given us some info

French rugby team temporarily stopped from boarding plane to answer police questions about an incident on George Street last night

Reports have claimed their involvement in an alleged sexual assault and a brawl with fans

Clubbers of the Week

Deadline season’s finally over and you’ve been embracing it

Cirque du Soul: Ticket-holders refused entry as police shut down ‘out of control’ queue

Nice work Cirque

We took personality tests at the Scientology place on South Bridge and all they wanted was our money

They tried to make me think I was abused by my uncle