Here’s the best places to shop second hand online

Who knew Oxfam had an online shop?

Despite the fact that charity and vintage shops are shut there are still lots of great opportunities to shop sustainably online.

Here are some great highstreet, designer and vintage online second hand clothing websites.


The one we all know from the high street, but did you know oxfam also has an online shop? Boasting a variety of second hand items from wedding dresses, bags, and vintage clothes there is sure to be something for everyone here.

Via Instagram @oxfamonlineshop


My personal favourite, Thrift+ offers a huuuge variety of brands. Offering both high street and designer expect to find Brandy Melville, Princess Polly and Topshop mingling next to Dior, Louis Vuitton and Mulberry. Offering great value for money most high street prices are below £15 and many still have their tags on. A steal if I ever heard of one.


An Irish site, Thriftify offers a large selection of predominantly high street brands for both men and women. Most of the prices hover around £5, however there is a delivery charge so keep that in mind.

via Thriftify website

Vestiare Collective

In case you somehow have avoided being bombarded by their ads on YouTube, Vestiare Collective specialises in luxury secondhand goods. Whilst this is not one for those on a budget, if you fancy a designer item but can’t quite justify the price have a look at what they have. Plus they offer students 15 per cent off their first spend, which marginally softens the blow.

Via Instagram @vestiareco


Micolet is another online second hand store that focuses on men and women’s clothes and accessories. It offers a variety of clothes from mainly highstreet brands and has a massive range of sizes and styles.

Via Instagram @micolet_uk


Vinted has a massive range of second hand clothes sold by individuals instead of through the company. Not only do they sell clothes, bags and other accessories but also other household items and electronics as well. Plus if you want to sell some of your clothes, you get to keep all the money – no fees here.

Via Instagram @vinted

The Clear Out Store

If you have kids, younger brothers and sisters, nieces or nephews then the clear out store is particularly great. Whilst it does offer some men and women’s clothes the main selection can be found in the children’s section. A children’s north face puffer jacket can totally be made into a cute cropped jacket right?

Via Instagram @theclearoutstore


Oafo is another great value online store, that stocks a lot of brands that are not so common. They frequently have sales and promotions on resulting in most of their clothes being under £10. As with all of these online sites all the clothes are second hand so make sure you check the condition that they are listed under before you buy them.


Rebelle is another high fashion second hand store. They offer lots of good priced vintage pieces, so if the likes of Chanel, Gucci and Prada interest you, be sure to give their site a visit.

Via Instagram @rebelleofficial

Beyond Retro

Beyond Retro specialises in a curated vintage clothing. Think of Levi jeans, Nike sweatshirts and pretty vintage corsets abound. The sizes range from xxs – xxl so there is a good range. Whilst the items are not as inexpensive as others on this list, they are all made from good quality items and are some of the best vintage pieces out there.

Via Instagram @kenny_mogz

Dukes Cuboard

Dukes specialises in vintage men’s clothes, from leather jackets to baseball caps they have it all. As it is a specialised online website it means only the best vintage pieces on here, no trawling through Armstrong’s for hours for you.

Via Instagram @dukescuboard

We Are Cow

We Are Cow is the boutique of second hand clothing websites. Full of perfectly curated layout shots and amazingly reworked pieces everything here is a real gem. Prices range from £20-£50 for the more carefully reworked pieces.

Via Instagram @wearecow

One Scoop Store

In a very similar strand to We Are Cow, One Scoop Store has more luxury reworked vintage pieces. However these are great value, with almost all of their vintage pieces coming under £100

Via Instagram @one_scoop_store

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