Someone on Edifess has ranked Edi takeaways and it’s the controversy of the year

“Calling Dominos expensive but not Ting Thai is peak Edinburgh Uni”

Since going into two national lockdown in the space of less than a year, takeaways have become a shining light amongst the darkness.

That being said, some people have some strong opinions about their go-to spots as seen in a very chaotic ranking of Edinburgh takeaways posted by Edifess earlier today.




The deeply controversial post received dozens of comments within an hour of posting. Most commenters criticised the poster’s choice in rankings, with one describing them as “potentially the biggest pile of shite i’ve ever read”.

Individual restaurants came under fire. One comment said: “Barburrito does not make a ‘banging burrito,’ please reevaluate your entire life”.

Another wrote: “The fact you put Nando’s in God Tier shows you have no taste. Next!”.

Loyal fans defended their old faithful takeaways too. One comment read: “Don’t you dare do such thing to Baskin Robbins.” Others strongly defended Coro the Chocolate Cafe.

Others attacked the post for lacking in breadth, with comments like: “Clearly they haven’t discovered the real good ones. This list is sooo basic and plain”. Others criticised it for excluding beloved Edinburgh takeaways like Bread Meats Bread, Pizza Posto, and Bonnie Burrito.

One comment slated the rankings and said: “Calling Co-op and Dominos expensive but not Ting Thai is peak Edinburgh Uni”.


On a more serious note, one commenter wrote: “Wow this is nice, ripping apart small businesses who are struggling enough right now. This post was so completely unnecessary and entirely tone deaf. Couldn’t you have just shouted out some Edi based takeaways you really like instead of putting the ones you don’t on blast?”

Many Edinburgh restaurants are struggling because of the lockdown as well as new measures announced yesterday limiting takeaways to deliveries and kiosk service.


Well, whatever your thoughts on this list, I’m sure we can all agree that takeaways are getting us through this. So, the next time you treat yourself to one, remember you’re not just helping yourself, you’re helping the economy too. At least that’s what I tell myself whilst ordering my third takeaway of the week…

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