A couple is beefing on Edifess about wearing masks and I’m grabbing the popcorn

The people of Edifess are telling her to dump him

Edifess: where we send in our best memes, love notes to Peter from Bake Off, and beef with our significant others, apparently.

This week, a couple is using Edifess to air out an argument about the boyfriend’s refusal to wear a face mask.

The first Edifess was submitted by the girlfriend in the relationship. She says: “Advice: My boyfriend REFUSES to wear a mask anywhere. He is putting me and himself at risk. He won’t listen to me and tells me he’s being oppressed by being asked to wear a mask. He says it’s a breach of his human rights and thinks they make him sick… Any advice.”

So, her boyfriend doesn’t sound like the best guy. Bold move to bring this fight to Edifess but you’ve done it. Maybe going to a confessions page before you go to your significant other is the way forward?

The people of Edifess had some pretty strong opinions about what to do.

Oh dear

She has a point 

“If he isn’t considerate enough to wear one simply because it would put you at ease or make you more comfortable/safe then maybe reconsider if he’s the kind of person you want to be with pal.”

Straight to the point I guess 

There were actually a few people who came to his defence.

We all love a beautifully defiant spirit in a global health crisis 

Normally, this would just be the end of things. He sounds like a dick, and she should dump him.

However, mask-refusing boyfriend has come back with a vengeance. He took to Edifess himself to defend his honour and say it’s “amazing what people will comment knowing half the story.”

He says: “Reply to #Edifess5444 (Mask refusing boyfriend) so I have a feeling I’m the mask refusing boyfriend. Firstly, I myself am in a high risk category so back off about that. secondly I have been struggling with anxiety and have breathing issues which I haven’t told my girlfriend, therefore medically exempt and DO NOT HAVE TO WEAR A MASK OR SHOW PROOF (read gov website).

“I tell her it’s an oppression to be cool. She now has been really distant from me all day and I am now afraid she will take all of your advice and break up with me… It’s amazing what people will comment knowing half the story. She hasn’t spoken to me all day and I’m away to make her a cake just incase this was her commenting and she is going to ‘dump my sorry ass’. Thanks everyone (ie all the men who stuck up for me) :)”

There’s a lot to unpack here. It’s interesting that you would choose to tell a confessions page about your social anxiety and not, I don’t know, your girlfriend. Also, is telling her it’s an oppression to be cool supposed to make you look better? He rounds out his post with a light sprinkling of misogyny.

How did the Edifess community react to this? Not great, tbh.

He’s not ready for a relationship

Still not a lot of sympathy for this one 

Yeah, can we talk about lying to seem cool?

Again, mask-refusing boyfriend had some defenders in the comments.

Does he really, bro?

“You should dump her before she dumps you. If she is too immature to have a conversation with you she clearly needs to work on her communication skills and learn to be mature enough to be in a mutually respectful relationship. You deserve better bro.”

Maybe if a group of commenters on Edifess can convince you to break up it wasn’t really meant to be in the first place?

I leave you with this comment which pretty much says it all.

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