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Sophie Butcher
Edinburgh University


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You’re not an Edi student unless you’ve done 50/58 of these things before graduation

Haven’t Hive til Five-d? Do you even go here…

I tried to eat and drink my way into making a profit from a first class train ticket

Getting tipsy on a London to Edi train in the name of economics…

SubmittED: a round-up of Edi students’ vibiest dissertation submission pictures

No diss-asters in sight!

We tried Itsu’s end of day sale to see how much sushi we could get for 15 quid

Spoiler alert: it was enough to feed four people

University of Edinburgh gift shop is now selling branded flares

The flares feature a University of Edinburgh logo so you can show off your true yah-self

Applications for The Edinburgh Tab’s two Editors and Social Editor are now open!

Applications close on Monday 4th April

Trans and non-binary EUSA election candidates allege transphobic vandalism of their posters

They claim their posters were ripped and torn down whilst no other candidates’ posters were damaged

IWD 2022: Edinburgh students launch campaign to criminalise ‘stealthing’ in Scotland

CERT (Contraception Education Reform Team) are petitioning to make removing a condom without consent a specific criminal offence

Edinburgh Uni has spent over £1300 on ‘Therapet’ schemes to reduce student stress

This includes £610 on Alpaca-based events

Edinburgh Clubbers of the Week: Curing those Semester Two blues

Uni might have started back after reading week but Edi’s clubbers still showed us how its done

From drunk cigs to prosecco pres: The 13 signs you’re not a yah but you’re yah-adjacent

5. You own some designer clothes but make sure to tell everyone you meet they’re from TK Maxx

Lecturers at Napier and Queen Margaret join UCU strike over pay and conditions

They join strikes at Heriot Watt and the University of Edinburgh which means all unis in Edinburgh are now affected

UCU and NUS are holding a protest at the Scottish Parliament on Tuesday at 12:30pm

The Rally for Education is demanding action over student poverty and stands in solidarity with the lecturers’ strikes

23 months after the last Crush, EUSA is relaunching its LGBTQ+ club night

The first Klub Kweer is being hosted in Teviot Underground on Friday 25th February at 8pm

From ASOS to Zoom pickets: Everything you need to know about the strikes

Yes, you can go to the library but no, you probably shouldn’t cross picket lines

‘I felt excluded from the LGBTQ+ community’: Young bi people on the impact of biphobia

‘A gay guy complained he was constantly surrounded by ‘fake gays”

University of Edinburgh reinstates Participation Grant following campaign by 93% Club

The fund helps students from disadvantaged backgrounds pay for extracurricular activities

Trans Edi student finds ‘transphobic’ slogans spray-painted on the path near Main Lib

She also found dozens of ‘transphobic’ stickers on lampposts too

A vigil for Ashling Murphy is being held outside the Irish Consulate tomorrow at 4pm

Ashling Murphy was murdered in Ireland by a stranger whilst on a run

University of Edinburgh academic found dead in flat after Hogmanay

His colleagues have paid tribute to him as a ‘brilliant scientist with a great future’

Police continue to search for Alice Byrne who has been missing since New Year’s Day

The 28-year-old went missing in Edinburgh

The 13 emotional stages of having to self-isolate over Christmas

All I want for Christmas is to not be locked in my room

‘I was sexually assaulted by a staff member in Atik toilets’ alleges Edi Anon submission

The submission also claims police told the victim they had consented to the alleged assault after reporting it

Nicola Sturgeon cancels Edinburgh Hogmanay street party amid new restrictions

She also discussed the possibility of the return to online learning at universities

We asked the TikToker who got locked in the CMB if she managed to escape

The Edi student’s TikTok got over 100k views in one day

Rugby players allegedly made to rub hot sauce on their genitals at SRUC Agrics ‘initation’

Edinburgh University’s Sports Union has booted the club out of their intramural league

Breaking: Edinburgh Uni Main Library closed overnight due to Storm Arwen

It is expected to reopen tomorrow morning and the rest of campus is open as normal

Neil Thin has returned to campus but will not be teaching

The Anthropology lecturer is working on a temporary project at the Institute for Academic Development

RPDR UK’s Cherry Valentine on performing again, being a role model & getting in your head

We chatted to the series two queen ahead of her upcoming tour

Edi VP describes ‘larger than expected surplus’ from lecturers’ pensions as ‘fantastic news’

The UCU has described Gavin McLachlan’s comments as an example of the uni putting profit over people

Girls Night In making exception to boycott for queer women’s club night at Sneaky Pete’s

Sylkie’s organisers and attendees had tried to contact Girls’ Night In to encourage them to change the day of the boycott

Edi student blocked by PDT after receiving ‘tone deaf’ message about drink spiking

The student had messaged to call out a post she thought was ‘insensitive’ to spiking victims

I’m fed up of not feeling safe walking home at night through The Meadows

Female Edinburgh students deserve better

Students told Neil Thin is not teaching after he was removed from course Learn page

Students also saw his name on lecture slides

Protestors holding ‘pray to end abortion’ signs were outside Chalmers this morning

Police were called to the sexual health clinic but were unable to act without buffer zone legislation

Edinburgh vigil for Sabina Nessa organised for tonight at 7pm on The Meadows

‘The death of Sabina Nessa reaffirms it could’ve been any one of us’

Anthropology lecturer investigated for ‘racist and sexist comments’ returns to teaching

A uni investigation cleared Neil Thin, but some students aren’t happy he’s back teaching

It’s back! Clubbers of the Week: 2021 Freshers’ Week edition

After a long 18 months, Clubbers of the Week is back and bigger than ever

Here are 11 reasons you should write for The Edinburgh Tab

We’re recruiting new writers to join our team

EUSA trustee says trans women are ‘lying’ and ‘delusional’ in set of ‘transphobic’ tweets

EUSA’s Trans and Non-Binary Liberation Officer has described the comments as ‘deplorable’

We spoke to Maria Lyle: Double Paralympic medal winner and Napier student

Maria won two bronze medals in Tokyo in the 100m and 200m T35 sprints

We asked Edi students what they think about limiting in-person teaching to 50 people

One student simply replied with the poo emoji

Half a bus and a thirteenth of Hive: How many people can fit in an Edi in-person class?

Edinburgh Uni have introduced a cap on in-person teaching of 50 students but what does this actually look like?

In-person teaching at Edinburgh Uni will be capped at 50 people in Semester One

Teaching events above 50 people like lectures will remain online

Edi Uni students will have to sign contracts that include fines for Covid-19 rule breaks

Penalties range from £50 fines for not wearing a mask on campus to expulsion for repeated breaches

Major fire reported at café on George IV Bridge where JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter

The bridge is completely closed whilst firefighters tackle the blaze

Quiz: Plan a night out and we’ll tell you which Edinburgh club you should go to

Should you Hive ’til Five, Viva La Cowgate, or go for a spin in the Gari’s pole?

How safe do LGBTQ+ students feel in Edi after homophobic assault on Leith Street?

‘It seems like homophobia is on the rise again if I’m honest’

Edinburgh PhD student ‘racially abuses’ Muslim woman on Facebook

He refused to sell her a basket saying it was ‘only for Jews, Brits, and Europeans’

Edinburgh Uni student has run 100 miles in three days to raise money for Rape Crisis

She had the idea after being harassed whilst running

Napier displaying grads’ names across Edinburgh to make up for cancelled graduations

The names of grads have been put on bus stops, billboards, and trams in a ‘city takeover’

Interview: fourth year medic Serena Baker on winning the Great British Sewing Bee

We spoke to her about sustainability, keeping her win a secret, and getting spotted

Edinburgh uni is paying cost of hotel quarantine for students from red list countries

They are offering to pay up to £1750 to international students

We asked a gynaecologist why some people’s periods are being messed up by the vaccine

‘Any effects of the vaccine are likely to be short lived and much less severe than those associated with Covid-19 infection’

From the James VI to ‘the gayest Parliament in the world’: A guide to Edi’s LGBT+ history

You can find LGBT+ history across the city

‘Joy to the skaters of Bristo Squircle’: The Scandi Bar is finally being demolished

One student told us: ‘I could not be happier that that abomination will be gone’

Investigated lecturer Neil Thin cleared of wrongdoing but Anthropology students aren’t happy

‘This procedure damaged his reputation and so it should have’

PSA: Edinburgh Uni is reviewing its decision to cancel in-person graduations

The Scottish Government will be allowing gatherings of 2,000 outside by the end of June

You can now register for a Covid-19 vaccine if you’re aged 18-29 and live in Scotland

The NHS estimate it will only be a ‘few weeks’ until you can book your vaccine

I tried the same size jeans from eight shops to prove how ridiculous women’s sizing is

They say 28 inch waist and they’re lying

How to say you go to a Tory uni, without saying you go to a Tory uni

‘At 11pm on the dot, everyone burst into the chorus of Rule Britannia’

‘Are the emoji people okay?’: People are just finding out the meaning of the 🥺 emoji

And no, it doesn’t mean ‘adorable’

Girls tell us the conflicting medical advice they’ve been given about contraception

‘There’s so much contradictory information that you’d expect your doctor to be the one to set the record straight’

Lost brand deals and fresh accusations: The fallout of Chrissy Teigen’s bullying scandal

She’s been dropped by brands including Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s

Next year we won’t be allowed to go to lectures but can go clubbing – make it make sense

Why can we go to a club with hundreds of people, but not sit next to them in a lecture?

Quiz: Which Drag Race Down Under queen are you?

Fingers crossed you get Karen From Finance

Edinburgh Uni introduces student-led guidance to combat transphobic microaggressions

The Tab spoke EUSA’s Trans and Non-Binary Officer who helped develop the guidance

This is not an April Fools: Bake Off winner Peter is giving away free homemade bakes

The Tab spoke to the first lucky recipient

‘Racist and sexist’ Edinburgh lecturer removed from ‘all academic matters’

‘I have expressed no reprehensible views,’ Neil Thin says

Scottish Parliament Elections 2021: Everything you need to know

The deadline to register to vote is 19th April

Edinburgh anthropology department is ‘taking action’ over lecturer’s ‘racist’ tweets

The lecturer denies claims that he was racist

Students accuse Edinburgh lecturer of spouting ‘racist and sexist’ comments

Anthropology lecturer Neil Thin denies these claims

Two Edinburgh students have started a tribute to Sarah Everard called ‘Sarah’s Tree’

The tree is on Jawbone Walk in the Meadows

Edinburgh ‘#ReclaimTheseStreets’ vigils organised for Saturday night

Two vigils are being held at Holyrood and St Andrews Square

IWD 2021: Meet the women students making change at Edinburgh Uni

They have been campaigning and giving their time to a wide range of causes

Edinburgh Pride cancelled this year due to Covid

The event draws tens of thousands of people and was due to be held in June

It’s been one year since I had in-person teaching and here’s what I’ve learnt

Not the anniversary I was expecting to celebrate

EUSA forced to delete IG story ‘trivialising LGBT+ history month’ after student backlash

The story was encouraging people to make rainbow pancakes

We spoke to the producer behind the Edinburgh Uni student mental health documentary

She wants to shed light on student mental health and what the uni is doing about it

These two Edinburgh students have moved to a remote Scottish island for the semester

The couple have swapped city living for the Isle of Cumbrae

Someone on Edifess has ranked Edi takeaways and it’s the controversy of the year

“Calling Dominos expensive but not Ting Thai is peak Edinburgh Uni”

How to access free sanitary products during the second Scottish lockdown

Because periods don’t stop for pandemics

Eight ways to actually successfully complain to your landlord

From someone who used to work in lettings

The honours high jump: why moving between second and third year is harder than it looks

Raise your hand if you’ve been personally victimised by third year

More transphobic stickers have been found on Edinburgh Uni campus

The stickers were seen outside 40 George Square and on South College Street

What does your favourite Edinburgh coffee shop say about you?

Jokes on you if it’s Soderberg

I am fully done with the anti-abortion protestors outside Chalmers

“At the end of the day, the right to choose is yours and yours alone”

Sniffing socks and K-holing: Edi students tell us their dating app horror stories

Some of these are truly terrifying

University of Edinburgh confirms Covid outbreak in Pollock Halls accommodation

Positive tests in Holland House have been reported

I went to Hive with social distancing and it was strangely vibey

Live, Laugh, Hive

We can’t register at two different GPs as students and it’s completely ridiculous

“I had to find a way to measure my own blood pressure”

Police called and students threatened with suspension after flat parties in Pollock

The party did not disperse when asked by uni staff

Edinburgh students give us their random pieces of advice for freshers

‘Your leaver’s hoodie isn’t as cool as you think it is. Stop wearing it’

Scotland to become first country in the world to teach LGBT+ inclusive curriculum in schools

“It’s a step in the right direction” say LGBT+ students

What your favourite Taylor Swift album says about your general Edi vibe

What’s your Reputation?

Edinburgh student allegedly stealthed by uni staff member

It is one of a dozen submissions detailing sexual violence

Molly-Mae’s fat-shaming shows us we need a ‘new normal’ for female beauty standards

If Molly-Mae doesn’t fit the mould, what hope is there for the rest of us?

‘This page is here to facilitate change’: we spoke to the admins behind Edi BAMEfess

“I have to admit that I’m not particularly shocked by the experiences that students have had”

We spoke to the Edi Mormons about how they’ve adapted to social distancing

Latter Day Saints? More like Twitter Day Saints!

One in ten Edi students admit to breaking lockdown to have sex

You won’t believe their reasons why

Breaking: Uni of Edinburgh cancels all study abroad starting in September

Goodbye fun in the sun