Household visits banned in Scotland as COVID-19 rules tighten

The restrictions will be enforced from tomorrow

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced this afternoon that visiting other people’s homes is to be banned across Scotland from Wednesday.

The measure was already in place for almost two million people in Glasgow and neighbouring areas. As of tomorrow, it will be enforced nationwide.

Meetings in public indoor settings like pubs and restaurants can continue but will remain limited to a maximum of six people from two households. Groups of up to six people from up to two different households are also still able to meet outdoors and in private gardens.

The First Minister cited early data suggesting that the restrictions in areas already under local lockdown were starting to slow the increase of cases. She explained if the ban were extended nationwide now, it could help bring the R number down and the virus back under control.

Those who live alone will still be able to form extended households. Couples not living together, those who need childcare and tradespeople will be exempt from the new measures.

The new restrictions comes alongside a 10pm curfew on pubs and restaurants. Boris Johnson announced the same curfew for England earlier this week.

The First Minister concluded by saying she wanted to keep schools and businesses open as much as possible and would review all restrictions every three weeks.

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