‘It’s just so classic’: Learn goes down on the first day back to uni

Someone’s getting the sack this morning, surely

It’s day one of a brand new semester at Edinburgh Uni and the ‘hybrid learning’ approach could be off to a better start. The MyEd portal and Learn site have been experiencing some “technical issues” all morning.

Various emails have circulated the students explaining the problem, including one from the school of PPLS stating that “this is affecting all of the University” and that “Information Services are treating this as a major incident and we hope these will be resolved as soon as possible”.

Sadly, if your lecture or tutorial is meant to be on today, you’ll be contacted by your school with the new way to access it or it will be rescheduled. You’re not getting out of it that easy.

The students were less than impressed this morning with the immediate crash of the online portal. Sophie, 3rd year said “as if learn is down on the first day of uni, it’s so typical. Another thing at this uni that just makes sense x”.

Hopefully we’ll all be back online soon, but for now I guess it’s back to bed.

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