Joanna Gray
Co-Editor of The Edinburgh Tab

School of Chemistry to move all teaching online from next week

The news was announced via email this morning

Someone has made a coronavirus updates page for Pollock Halls on Instagram

“Who has it? And who will it be next ? Message us with your updates…”

Pollock Halls is turning into Scotland’s ‘biggest hotel’ this summer

Who needs a chateaux in St Tropez anyway

It’s raining men (and women): it’s time for Round Three of ECFS models

Meet Round Three of the Edinburgh Charity Fashion Show models

The thunderstorms have passed but we’ve been struck by Round Two of ECFS

Meet Round Two of the ECFS 2020 models

Forget Storm Dennis, we are blown away by Round One of ECFS 2020 models

Meet the models of the Edinburgh Charity Fashion Show

The best and worst places to spend Valentine’s Day at Edinburgh Uni

Cheeky trip to Appleton Tower anyone?

The girl who wrote a poem about her flatmate is BACK with a brand new banger

‘MacBook Girl’ is a savage takedown of Edi yahs

Storm Ciara blew these Clubbers of the Week into my garden, send help

The club can’t even handle us right now

Edinburgh Clubbers of the Week: Week 3

Can’t stop, won’t stop

An Edi third year has written a poem about how much she hates her flatmate

At Edinburgh we turn to poetry when the going gets tough

Edinburgh Clubbers of the Week: Week Two

Dancing away those January blues

Number of cases of mumps in young adults on the rise in Edinburgh

University of Edinburgh students are among those who have fallen ill

Someone has made a Louis Theroux-style documentary on Pollock Halls

Surely these kids aren’t real

There’s an Edinburgh Uni playlist on Spotify and it’s pure shite

Alexa (don’t) play ‘Sounds of University of Edinburgh’

Three grads are hiring someone to make their breakfast and polish their shoes

The official title is ‘Lifestyle Happiness Manager’

Edi Uni fined £10,000 for exposing lab workers to dangerous substances

Researchers were left at risk of suffering adverse health effects

Someone has set up an Instagram for mullets spotted in Edinburgh

You hate to see it

Subway Cowgate is launching a brand new weekly drag show

The first show is this evening

We asked Edi students for their Bluetooth headphones disaster stories

Some are so cringe it actually hurts