Joanna Gray
Joanna Gray

Clubbers of the Week – Freshers’ edition

Edi students are back with a BANG

If the Pollock Halls houses had Tinder profiles this is what they would look like

Put a (signet) ring on it

Opal is back just in time for freshers’ with a brand new name and aesthetic

Say hello to Eastside

We caught up with Love Island’s Samira to talk Freshers’ advice, how to dress #cutesie, and why she fancies Shrek

I just go in a room and I’m like ‘HEEEEY’

18-year-old pleads guilty to the attempted murder of a Syrian refugee in Edinburgh

25-year-old Shabaz Ali was stabbed six times and left with life-threatening injuries

All the absolutely awful things you go through if you attend university in your hometown

It’s shite, to put it frankly

Edinburgh students told us their most cringe walk of shame stories and, oh my, some are awful

Someone got called a prostitute by a Scottish schoolboy

A definitive list of the worst shoes being spotted in Edi right now, and what wearing them says about you

Shoes speak louder than words

A vendetta against vaping – nobody wants to inhale your exhaled cheesecake-flavoured smoke

Please bring ‘vape nation’ to its cessation

‘Outrageous’ Paddy’s Day loo queues at The Three Sisters inspire Edi student to start a campaign for more female toilets

When you gotta go… #loos4ladies

We spoke to the owner of the Oscar de la Rabbit – Pollock’s very own secret rabbit

“We really are getting too deep into the anatomy of Lagomorpha”

Introducing Rave Shades: The new must-have accessory for enhancing your Edinburgh night out

50 shades of rave, baby

University tuition will remain free in Scotland for EU students after Brexit

All is good in the European hood

The resurgence of Gap hoodies – a worrying sign that Edinburgh’s vintage clothing trend has gone a step too far

Please leave ‘Gap girls’ in the 90s

We visited the creepy old railway tunnel below Pollock Halls that you never knew existed

Not your usual weekend activity

We took to the streets to investigate Edinburgh’s late night food problem

Students are being unjustifiably deprived