An extensive list of the best Netflix shows to watch during lockdown, ranked

Let’s quarantine and chill

As a second year with all but one of her exams cancelled, (warning: don’t do a law module as an elective), like the rest of the nation, I’ve had a lot of spare time on my hands recently.  This has lead to maximum procrastination by (re)watching as many shows on Netflix as possible, in their entirety.

Here is my list of the very best (and worst) Netflix series for you to watch this quarantine, ranked.

1. Modern Family

A solid 8.5/10. Very easy to watch and quite quirky, but they have a really lovely message about family in basically every episode, which can be a bit tear-jerking in a good way. Having not seen my family in 4 months, it’s brought on a few tears.

2. Peep Show

I’d say 9/10. It gradually grew on me, after the first season. The constant changing between shots gives me a tiny headache but I think I’m more annoyed at how that makes me sound old, than the show itself. However, Jeremy is, quite possible the worst human ever to Mark – if your flatmate treated you like that, they’d be booted quicker than they can say “Juju’s tonight?”.

Also, this is exactly how I’m leaving uni once I graduate:

3. Friday Night Dinner

7.5/10 – I’d never properly watched it through until now, just random episodes here and there. Incredibly funny, but the slight over-hype ruined it a bit. Also, is it just me that doesn’t understand why everyone says, “Shalom Jackie!” when Jim actually says it, like, once?

4. The Good Place

6/10. Again, an easy watch. Not too long to watch it all in a day. There’s a pretty good twist at the end of season one, but other than that it’s a slightly average TV show. It’s like watching a cute video of a cat on Twitter; fun and cute but doesn’t add all that much to your life.

5. Derry Girls

9.5/10. Class. Brilliantly funny. Goes viral on TikTok for a reason. The way they all bully James for being English is exactly how every single English person is treated by their Scottish friends in Edinburgh.

6. Brooklyn 99

10/10, I’m way too biased for this. I’ve seen it through so many times all my friends are sick of it (and me quoting it non-stop) and season 7 made me so happy. My favourite TV show. So good. The diversity of the characters and the way the writers deal with controversial situations is brilliant. Every single thing Holt says to Wuntch has me doubling over in laughter. Also, Andy Samberg was not a crush I EVER expected to have.

7. Tiger King

11/10 on your first watch, but slightly decreases with each subsequent watch as you realise how fucked up everything is that happens and the poor tigers. Although, the little video-chat reunion they did gave me a bit of hope for them. Then I remembered Carole Baskin’s wedding photos. But honestly, is there anyone left that HASN’T seen this yet?

8. After Life

6/10. Ricky Gervais is always pretty funny, but honestly this is a slightly brutal watch. I got what he was trying to do, but it just felt so full of monologues that it ruined the flow of the show and ended up making it so downbeat. That being said, what is included in these unnatural speeches is very heart-warming and the general humour is fairly funny.

9. Outnumbered

9.5/10. Now this is classic British television. Uniquely funny. Still clinging on to hope of seeing Daniel Roche or Ramona Marquez on a night out. It’s so realistically charming, that everyone can relate to at least one episode of this show, and even years on from when it first showed, it still manages to have me doubling over in laughter.

10. Always Sunny in Philadelphia

7.5/10. Weirdest TV show to ever be made, but I find it quite funny and you don’t miss much if you’re on your phone while you watch it. Whether it’s weird in a good or bad way is something you really have to decide for yourself. The Marmite of Netflix, really. WILD CARD!

11. Love is Blind

4/10 – Pure trash. Oh my god, this couldn’t be more American if it tried. The ONLY positive to come out of this show: Lauren and Cameron. I would rather speak in a tutorial than hear Amber talk one more time.

12. New Girl

6.5/10, generally funny, but honestly all I really want from this is the rules to the True American Drinking Game. They did do a crossover with Brooklyn Nine-Nine, so that was a bonus. Also, Jess is, at times, a bit too relatable. And Nick. Whichever one I am really depends on the day, and factors such as “How long am I at uni for today?”

13. Friends

4.5/10 – A classic. After watching it again, I really realised just how badly this show aged. Nowadays, these jokes would drastically sink a TV show. If I didn’t have such a connection to watching it when I was ill, I would probably be so against this. If you’re in love with this show, you’re probably a middle aged woman. Also, the obsession Primark have with this show is a bit obscene.

14. Glee

1/10, if that. Just no. Seriously, who let this show run for as long as it did? Social distance yourself from this one x

15. Gavin and Stacey

10/10 – Talented. Brilliant. Incredible. Amazing. Show stopping. Spectacular. Never the same. Totally unique. Completely not ever been done before. I can watch this show on repeat. Also, JUST TELL ME HOW NESSA ANSWERS SMITHY. IMMEDIATELY. WE ALL WANT TO KNOW. PUT US OUT OF OUR MISERY.

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