Breaking: University of Edinburgh calls back all exchange students in Hong Kong

Students have been instructed to return to the UK ‘immediately’

The University of Edinburgh has decided to call back all students currently studying in the city of Hong Kong.

In an email sent out today, the 21 students presently on exchange at The University of Hong Kong were told to make arrangements to return to the UK "immediately".

The recall comes following The University of Hong Kong's decision, announced yesterday, to suspend all classes for the remainder of the semester due to ongoing civil unrest.

Many of Hong Kong's top universities are being occupied by protestors, with state media warning protestors: "You are on the edge of doom".

Edinburgh University has told students that while they understand the announcement is disappointing, they "have to prioritise safety and wellbeing".

Warwick University, Southampton University, Nottingham University and Aberdeen University have also announced today that they are instructing their students in Hong Kong to return home.

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The political unrest in Hong Kong has had a large impact on British university campuses.

Last week a display showing solidarity with the Hong Kong protesters appeared outside the Warwick University SU building; and last month protesters gathered at Exeter University to raise awareness about the situation in Hong Kong.

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This is the second time this year Edinburgh students abroad have been recalled. Last month The Edinburgh Tab revealed that students studying in Egypt were instructed by the university to leave the country.

A spokesperson for The University of Edinburgh told The Edinburgh Tab: “The suspension of classes at educational institutions in Hong Kong has affected 21 Edinburgh students, who are currently on exchange there.

"We are therefore requesting that all of our students in Hong Kong return to the UK, at their earliest opportunity. We are providing advice and support to each affected student to ensure all are in a position to return to the UK.”