Noa Hoffman
Co-Editor of The Edinburgh Tab

Edinburgh students open Scotland’s first ‘sustainable’ club night

Even the toilet paper is eco-friendly

Revealed: Edinburgh University is urging students to kick out the Tories

And suggest you attend Labour campaigning too

Meet the students spearheading the case for Scottish independence this General Election

They want Scotland in the EU but out of the UK

Jewish students react to Corbyn not apologising for Labour anti-Semitism

He refused to apologise four times last night

Breaking: DHT has been occupied

Here we go again

‘I nearly got hit by a brick’: We spoke to Edinburgh students on the ground in Hong Kong

One student still feels ‘completely safe’ in the city

Breaking: University of Edinburgh calls back all exchange students in Hong Kong

Students have been instructed to return to the UK ‘immediately’

UoE to host speaker who said gender-fluidity in children is ‘made up nonsense’

The event has been accused of having ‘a significant negative impact’ on trans students

Revealed: Labour tops The Edinburgh Tab’s general election poll

Though not by much…

Scouting For Girls will be headlining the 2019 Conscious ball

It’s so lu-ve-ly

Being Jewish at university and watching the student outpour of love for Corbyn’s Labour is deeply painful

Over 85 per cent of British Jews surveyed think Jeremy Corbyn is antisemitic

An Edi student dressed as her PhD supervisor for Halloween and the resemblance is amazing

That’s a high first for effort, originality and accuracy

We spoke to Conscious Edinburgh to get all the gossip on this year’s ball

Unlimited drinks in a stately home? Sign me up

A petition is calling to end all sales of beef at Edinburgh University

It’s received over 300 signatures so far

Edinburgh fourth year’s racist Instagram story sparks widespread condemnation

She claims the racist language used was ‘pop culture’ appreciation

Two Edinburgh third years have been arrested in Egypt while on year abroad

The university has called all students back

Edifess post urging Chinese students to ‘use their real name’ sparks outrage

One student replied she shouldn’t have to tolerate other people ‘butchering’ her name

Edi student scales the height of Everest on Arthur’s Seat in under 48 hours

That’s 36 times climbing up and back

Edinburgh University ranks in the top 50 best universities in the UK

We’re up three spots from last year

We spoke to people inside Labour Students to find out the real tea

Labour Students has been officially binned off this week