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There’s a clown scaring students at uni to convince you to go to WhyNot tomorrow

Boo Felicia

WhyNot have attempted one of the most haunting PR stunts this year by letting Penny Wise loose around campus today. It's a bold attempt to convince you to head to their Halloween themed Love Wednesday tomorrow night.

Penny Wise has been spotted scaring students outside the library, in the David Hume tower and in the Business school. It appears no where is safe.

It isn't just Edinburgh University students that have reason to be scared, Penny Wise has also been spotted in QMU and Edinburgh Napier Campus.

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Can't I just work in PEACE

Who would've thought WhyNot would've gone to such extremes to get you to go out the night before Halloween.

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*cries silently into laptop*

Plus, got to give it to them, as far as clowns go it's a more creative costume than going as the Joker.