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Battle of Brexit post-its hits Edinburgh halls on Cowgate

Forget the House of Commons, it’s all kicking off in College Wynd

The windows of Edinburgh University halls is probably the last place you'd expect a political debate to occur.

However, over the weekend two neighbours in College Wynd on Cowgate had it out through the medium of post-it notes.

One flat's "let's get Brexit done" message appeared first in yellow post-it notes before their Remainer neighbours replied with a pink and yellow "naw" followed by an arrow.

This civilised way to discuss Brexit could not contrast more from the heated scenes in and outside of Parliament this weekend. For many, it also differs from the intensity of far less divisive issues, like flat-cleaning and food-stealing, in their shared flats.

Reactions to the Brexit post-it battle on Twitter has been largely positive – especially for the right window. Most people were impressed with the civility of both students and cast scorn on politicians' handling of Brexit.

Flat-sharing and politics are thorny enough issues on their own for most, so to mix them in such a jokes way without causing all-out war is commendable.

With next week's Brexit deadline day approaching as fast as essay deadlines, it seems more people should take note (pun not intended) from these Edi first years.

More stationery and less screaming matches please!