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The Playfair Steps will be shut until April 2020 whilst renovation work is carried out on the National Gallery

I knew I should have lived in Marchmont

The Playfair Steps, which lead from the square connecting Princes Street, the galleries, and Princes Street Gardens, up to the top of Market Street, were not only an effective and speedy means for marching up the Mound and making that nine am, but were also fantastic for your gluteus maximus muscles (or, to put it frankly, your bum).

Tragically, the steps will now be closed until April 2020 whilst renovation work on the National Gallery takes place.

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The works are hugely detrimental to the aesthetics of the walk also

With the diversion, which entails walking all the way up and around the horrifically steep incline of The Mound, residents of New Town will see their commute increase approximately by four extra minutes. This may sound minimal, at first, but is actually rather tragic when you consider the gradient and the fact they have been up and walking to George Square since the crack of dawn.

Whilst it may not stop the students buying that necessary Coconut Flat White from Pret en route to their lectures, it will make for tears, annoyance, and, most importantly, five fewer minutes in bed.

Lizzie, a second year Geography student, said: “They may have had planning permission, but they didn’t have MY permission”, whilst Martha, another second year, took a much more emotional approach, saying: “My walk to university will never be the same again. Never have I ever felt more violated".

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Our FitBits will be giving off heat with all this walking

Alongside the renovation on the gallery, the works will also entail the widening of the north staircase, which the Council described as being under huge strain at peak periods, noticeably during the Christmas period and the Fringe. Also affected are the street traders, who have been licensed to trade on the steps and around the Mound for 38 years. They have been suspended from operating in the area despite receiving less than six weeks notice, according to a spokesperson from the High Street and Playfair Steps Street Traders Association.

It is not yet known how the Christmas markets will be affected.