Can we talk about how shit the Edinburgh University Instagram is?

Nobody needs to see a picture of someone’s chicken dinner

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Edinburgh University is an ancient institution. The Uni is situated within the medieval UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Old Town, and features gorgeous architectural masterpieces built by some of Scotland's most revered architects. The city is basically a photographer's dream. So can someone explain to me why Edinburgh University's Instagram is so bad?

Recently the University Main Library team have dared to post some interesting updates – pictures of Buccleuch Street in the snow, and even retweets of the Universities art collection, one of the few Edinburgh Uni social media saving graces. But this only highlights how far behind the rest of the university's social media truly is.

I'm sorry, is this the picture really appropriate for sharing via the social media of the second most beautiful UK University?

The University of Cambridge has its social media game down, with almost daily updates and brilliant pictures of its gorgeous college grounds. Interweaved with engaging news updates, pictures of student life, and thematic projects, this actually captures a degree of interest from followers.

Edinburgh, on the other hand, seems dry for ideas. Its rarely updated Instagram page is a poor assortment of re-grammed student graduation pictures, reposted news updates no one cares about and a particularly abhorrent 'Students take over the Instagram' phase. This is what resulted in the upload of a picture of someone's home-cooked chicken. Seriously? This isn't even Snapchat story level content – I'd scroll past that if my mum posted it on Facebook.

The evidence is in the numbers. Cambridge outranks our follower count by nearly a quarter of a million and this must surely hurt the university's brand. One picture captioned, 'In Snowy Edinburgh' features the display at a local coffee shop without a drop of snow. There are two videos of cats, and one video featuring some pigeons on a rock that clearly wasn't even filmed in Edinburgh. I specifically attempt to avoid the local pigeons, never mind seeking out pictures of particularly exotic ones. It was like watching that one friend's bad gap year montage that you politely agreed was 'so powerful'.

Is this a joke? It's more black bars than picture?

So whilst other universities capitalise on growing social media platforms, Edinburgh Uni seems destined to remain within that calibre usually reserved for places like Hull. UCL is another of many universities outdoing the Edinburgh Instagram page – and they've even featured a couple of panoramic shots of Edinburgh. Are other unis really 'gramming Edinburgh better than we can?

Even our Glaswegian rivals have more followers than us, and half their campus is made up of glorified sheds.

Don't tell me, either, that the university couldn't afford a full time position for someone who keeps its Insta (and by virtue of that, Twitter and Facebook) strong. We have the third largest endowment in the UK outside of Oxford and Cambridge, who are both demolishing our Instagram game, plus a £135 million surplus. I saw llamas in George Square a couple weeks back – funding for vanity projects is evidently available.

Shitty HDR? Check. Cropped so badly you can see half the name of the original poster? Check. Edinburgh University instagram? Check.

I'm sorry Edinburgh University social media team, but you're letting the 'gram down. Being outdone by the English is one thing – being outdone by the Glaswegians is another. Divert some of that sliced pension cash into a social media team with a degree of competency, please.