What your bag of preference says about your general vibe

Briefcase Wanker

Trying to find the right bag is very difficult and many tough decisions have to be made. It's a big commitment. We get attached to our bag and keep it for years before even thinking about replacing it.

An awful lot can be revealed about the type of person we are though based on the bag we decide to use in our day-to-day lives.

University Crest Rucksack

This person definitely has a pencil case, makes their sandwiches the night before, and has the same satsuma and Toffee Crisp in their bag all week.

Draw-String Sports Bag

The wearer of this rucksack will be in a pair of those Adidas tracksuit bottoms almost everybody has, some Nike trainers, a Topman zip-up hoodie, and a snapback. It'll be packed very lightly, the contents including one lidless biro (which has ran out), a protein bar, a can of Monster, a 'Help For Heroes' wristband, and a pair of Beats.


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Fjällräven Rucksack

These people don't really have any fashion sense, but think if they pay this much money then people won't notice.

Tb to adventures in this amazing store.💕 I really want a fjallraven backpack aaaaah (please can someone give me one😂) #fjallraven #fjallravenkanken #happy #backpack #yellow #amsterdam #kankenkulture

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Herschel Rucksack

Literally everybody has this bag and it's just so big. Somehow the owners always manage the fill them to their absolute capacity no matter what they're doing that day.

High in the Pyrenees with @where_is_annie 🏔

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Cycling Rucksack

Even though they don't find it embarrassing to travel from A to B in full bolt yellow lycra, with their shoes clipped onto their pedals, and a helmet fit for an olympian, they still look like a twat.

Quand le gentil Samuel me dit que j'ai du style —> Instagram!! 📸 @5amcote #gentilsamuel #cyclingclothes #afterswim #trekbikes #triathlontraining

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Tissot Rucksack

People who wear this rucksack mean business. They've had this rucksack since their first day at secondary school and they still love the fact it comes with a carabiner clip.

It's still full to the brim with notebooks, biros to loan out to anyone who forgot one (they always ask for them back), their clumpy old Dell PC which they still think is better than a Mac, and some over-ear headphones with one of those wiggly wires, real gamer headphones.

Oh, and they have the shoulder straps as high as they'll go so they can run absolutely everywhere.

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Tiny Rucksack

The wearers only carry the bare essentials, losing them gradually throughout their night out, coming home with two of the five items they put in there (if they're lucky) because it's such a pathetic bag.

New buys 😍

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Tote Bag

People who wear a tote bag will tell you they just had this bag lying around and shoved a few things inside it before they left the house. However, they actually have a whole array of these they'd use over any other bag, whatever the weather.

They love the trendy look it gives them, and how it allows them to showcase some of the great places they've been to without actually having to tell people.

Inside it will usually be some rollies, a modern classic, and a packet of vegetable crisps as they've decided that week to go vegan.

Hiking Rucksack

Their Mum still buys their trousers.

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Skepta Bag

People with this bag are either die hard Skepta fans (ie. they don't really like Skepta but they just think they're supposed to), or they're basically Alan from The Hangover. All they have in their bag is extra long rolling papers, train tickets, and nothing else.

Tesco Carrier Bag

If someone calls this person a 'roadman' or a 'sesher' they'll take it as a compliment, when it was meant as an insult. They use this bag only to carry tinnies from the shop to their mates house. They don't tend to be seen around uni much.

Laptop Bag

Their laptop is either really shit, or really good.

Designer Handbag

Although their bag costs thousands of pounds, it's still full of old receipts, McDonald's vouchers, old lipsticks, their U18 bus pass and their first iPod they thought they'd lost. However, they'll never find their house keys in this bag (they're at home, on their bedside table).

Clear Rucksack

They think we're all so impressed to see that they don't care that we know what is inside their bag. The jokes on them when their ham and mustard sandwich leaks everywhere.

Superdry Japan Outdoor Rucksack

This was literally everyone's school bag, and after school it's worn by the type of people who follow loads of travellers blogs on Instagram and use the hashtag #wanderlust.

Superdry Shoulder Bag

This is EVEN worse, anyone who still has one of these needs to realise that it's time to grow up.

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The safe option, if a bit basic. They definitely have style, and are the rucksack that everybody wishes they'd gone for after theirs either rips or falls out of fashion. An Eastpak rucksack is as likely to offend anyone as it is to turn heads when seen in the street.

Doc Martens Leather Rucksack

People buy this to build on the art student vibes they're trying to go for. The price tag doesn't bother them as they will pay anything to achieve the right look.

Hype Rucksack

Worn by the people who say the word 'hype' every day, without fail. Along with 'fresh', 'peng', 'boi' and 'yaaaas'.

Fred Perry Holdall

They like their jeans skinny, their shirts white, their jackets leather and a number one on the back and sides.

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