Edinburgh students have voted for the uni to spend £40,000 on nap pods

84 per cent were in favour of the motion


Edinburgh students have voted to implement naps pods in the library in an effort to combat mental health issues, despite widespread backlash against the proposed initiative.

The four nap pods would cost the university £40,000.

The motion, called “Nap Pods and Rest Facilities” was created in light of Edinburgh’s low student satisfaction in the 2017 Complete University Guide.

According to a survey conducted by EUSA, 93 per cent of the 1,500 students who took part said they felt the need to nap on campus, with 76 per cent admitting they had left university to go for a snooze.

The motivations for the motion included “a solution for tiredness and sleep deprivation on campuses” and to create a “healthy culture” on campus.

84 per cent of students voted in favour of the nap pods, with 1,616 votes to 286 in an online poll. This means that EUSA are now obliged to lobby the uni for them.

An email sent by EUSA said: “Students have voted to endorse proposals to discuss provision of rest facilities with the University, who will take any further decisions on implementation.”

Despite this, nap pods remain a controversial issue as they are set to cost the university huge sums of money with some arguing that the money could be spent elsewhere such as on increased mental health counselling.

This doesn’t mean that nap pods will definitely be implemented, as the uni is not obliged to accept EUSA’s proposal.