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Jack Stewart
Edinburgh University


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From a southerner living in Scotland, denying Scotland another referendum would be outrageous


Letting agents are the worst way to get a flat – go through your mates instead

I’m pretty sure the 7th circle of hell is one long flat viewing

T2: Trainspotting the review

Seeing Ewan McGregor strut his stuff in Cav is worth the entry fee alone

EUSA have removed the minimum card spend from all shops, bars and cafés

This is not a drill, EUSA are being useful

Edinburgh students have voted for the uni to spend £40,000 on nap pods

84 per cent were in favour of the motion

Edinburgh is the second most unhealthy uni campus in the country

Keep spending most our lives living in a pizza paradise

The Bruntsfield Tesco has been accused of discriminating against state school kids

Oh Edinburgh, you’ve really outdone yourself this time.

Let’s be honest – the Quartermile Sainsbury’s is awful

It’s everything I hate about edinburgh

2016 has been rough, here’s what you can look forward to for the rest of it

Here’s to sticking our heads in the sand

What to expect from a night at Creme Soda

The clue is in the name, lots of drinks

Meet the Edinburgh students about to make tech history

Their project could revolutionise public transport

Clubbers of the Week

The party never ends

I gave up sugar for a week and it was worse than quitting smoking

No fruit, no milk, no condiments

Edinburgh based drama ‘Clique’ started filming today

It’s apparently like Skins but with more posh people

How to do Edinburgh Freshers’ on a budget

Your overdraft is not your friend

Why Lost Village is the festival everyone will want to go to next summer

It was a combination of a children’s fairytale and a warehouse rave

I took on the biggest burger challenge in Edinburgh

… and lived to tell the tale

Edinburgh seriously needs to up its fast food game

No I don’t want to go to fucking Pizza Paradise.

I used Donald Trump quotes to get me laid on Tinder

It gave me a disturbing insight into his psyche

Why aren’t we all drinking Buckfast?

It wouldn’t be Scotland without it