Leonardo DiCaprio is coming to Edinburgh this week

Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou, Romeo?

Last year we had George Clooney. This week we’ve had the Australian Rugby team. Whatever could next week promise?

None other than the ageless heartthrob who played Jay Gatsby, Jack Dawson, and Shakespeare’s Romeo, yep you guessed it, it’s Leonardo DiCaprio!

so young and full of life

The actor is following in the footsteps of fellow A-lister George Clooney by visiting Edinburgh’s Social Bite café which supports homeless people by offering them job opportunities at the restaurant where customers can also ‘pay-it-forward’, so those in need can get a hot meal.

To celebrate Leo’s visit, and promote the cafe’s values, Social Bite held a competition to win lunch with DiCaprio, where customers could enter by paying £5 for a meal for a homeless person. Even to breathe the same air as Leonardo DiCaprio is good enough for me and many others to be honest.

Dicaprio, who turned 42 the other day, has a history of going for younger ladies too, so doll yourselves up and keep an eye out to see if the actor visits any of the Edinburgh clubs, as swoon-y Clooney did last year, to help him celebrate. The dad bod is still hot, right?

DiCaprio will also be making a speech at the Scottish Business Awards, following Bill Clinton and Richard Branson who have done so in previous years, celebrating Scottish entrepreneurs while also discussing environmental issues, in light of he release of his new documentary on climate change, called Before The Flood.