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Helena Davidson
Edinburgh University


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A round up of all the best looks at the Edinburgh Charity Fashion Show 2019

The Light is Coming

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We need to cut down on unhealthy habits

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Head of Department puts £1,000 behind the bar for all his fourth year students to reward their hard work

Putting the Lit in Lit school

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Here are all the places you can get free period products and condoms around Edi

Creating a safer uni environment one free condom at a time

Women were not allowed inside Teviot until way more recently than you’d think

That’s pretty bad

The box room is the best room, and here’s why you should take it

Who needs all that extra space anyway?

Why Alnwick is the weirdest but best hometown that hardly anyone’s heard of

The South? Never heard of it mate

Everything I learned from getting my first tattoo

How soon can I get my next one?

We asked Edi students what they hate most about flat hunting

Why can’t finding a place to live just be easy for once?

Heeled boots are the best friend a girl can have and here’s why

Every girl has a love-hate relationship with their heels

You can now buy queue jump tickets for Hive

You might as well just go every night now

HOLD THE PHONE: You can now get Big Cheese Presale tickets online!

Changing the game

Geordie Shore cast spotted filming in Edinburgh club

Geordie Shore, whayaye!

Test how much you know about Edinburgh with our random trivia quiz

If you think you’re a real Edinburgher, think again

The best places to go in Edinburgh to get your daily dog fix

There’s a reason they’re called man’s best friend

All the things you can do this cuffing season that aren’t getting into a relationship

I was busy thinkin bout boys

The definitive list of all the things you shouldn’t do during your first year at Edi

Follow this advice if you wanna be cool

Edinburgh ranked sixth best British university in new global rankings

St Andrews was nowhere to be seen

Here they come: The best of the offer holders’ Facebook groups

Comment ur fav emoji 2 b added 2 the group chat!

These are officially the fittest universities in the UK

The only hot or not list that counts

These are the best outfits spotted at this year’s Houghton festival

More like HOT-ton festival

Believe it or not, these are the most right-swiped unis on Bumble

Pretty sure no one expected this

You won’t want to Evacuate The Dancefloor and risk missing Cascada headlining Freshers’ Week

Get hyped for Cascada’s headline slot at Big Cheese

Get hyped because The Three Sisters are hosting a live screening of the Love Island final tonight

This is as great as Kem and Chris’ bromance

We spoke to the lucky few who had Justin Trudeau speak at their graduation today

JT’s biggest fans

Edinburgh woman faces jail after Opal Lounge glass attack

The woman mistook the victim for someone else and smashed the glass on the wrong person

Invigilators disrupted exam with a microphone to inform Edi Geographers of exam question mistakes

The disruptions affected two other exams in the hall

It’s official: Edinburgh University harder to get into than Glasgow

We came 9th overall in the UK

Chris Evans hits Opal on night out in Edinburgh

Saving the world surely warrants the odd free Jägerbomb right?

Clique drastically missed the feminist mark and here’s why

Saying that women don’t work hard enough is just bullshit

Why is the food in the EUSA shops so expensive for what it is?

Meal Deal Talk should come and rate EUSA’s selection

Here’s what Edi students have to say about a second Indy ref

Choose life. Choose Nicky. Choose Indy Ref 2.

Singles of the Week

Valentines Day may have come and gone but Cupid’s work is never done

Edinburgh has one of the highest number of sexual harassment claims made against uni staff

Only two universities have had more

The low-down on Edinburgh’s newest craze: Finsta

Where shit-posting becomes art

Excusing Pro-Life societies has nothing to do with Free Speech

2017 and people still won’t let us decide what happens to our own bodies

Should Edinburgh’s pro-life society be allowed to exist?

Let us know what you think

Galentine’s Day is way better than Valentine’s Day

Keep your fuckboys close but your galdem closer

Little Mix to perform in Edinburgh

Buy the tickets. You know you want to.

Triple mugging attack in the Meadows

They happened within 15 minutes of each other

Mother of missing Edinburgh student Antoine Maury confirms body found today in Holyrood Park is his

The Edinburgh College student was reported missing five weeks ago

The truth behind the creepy light and sound spectacle in George Square

Halloween was last month, right?

Leonardo DiCaprio is coming to Edinburgh this week

Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou, Romeo?

Ladies and gents, roll up roll up – the Australian rugby team are in town

*Cue fireworks, cheering, screaming etc*

Edi students stage Halloween protest outside the library


Edinburgh fashion show to raise money for children’s charity

The charity aims to break the stigma around mental health in children

The guide to dressing for Edinburgh’s clubs

There’s something for everyone

Appleton Tower is the worst thing about Edinburgh Uni

Hurry up and build another entrance

New initiative to wipe out sexual abuse in Edinburgh introduced


We went back to halls and pretended to be freshers again

They were so “yah” it hurt

Our best tips for doing Edinburgh freshers right

Make use of all that free pizza

It’s time to admit it: Self-catered is better than Pollock

You can’t cook a kilogram of curly fries at 3am in John Burnett, can you?

Facebook buys ‘revolutionary’ company started by Edinburgh grads

Their product turns sound into visual images

The best and worst of Edinburgh’s Tinder pick-up lines

Because some boys are awful

Edinburgh University is helping to send a robot to Mars

Take that Matt Damon

We went back and looked at Edinburgh 2015/16 fresher pages

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

New high-speed railway plan aims to cut Edinburgh to London journey to three hours

Except it won’t be finished until at least 2030

Confused, American, and on exchange: Meet Edinburgh’s newest students

“I don’t understand why they don’t refrigerate the eggs here.”

Life lessons from first semester

Lectures teach you nothing

Keysurf is ruining my life

How are we supposed to Netflix and chill when it’s this slow?