I instantly regretted buying the iPhone 7

Don’t do it


The night before the iPhone 7 launched, I lost my phone in a club. Seeing this as a clear sign that I needed to update my iPhone, I headed to the Apple store to buy the latest model.

I did my research about the 7 and was excited to upgrade from my iPhone 6. Well, as excited as you can be before dropping 700 quid on a phone. Apple claim that the reason it’s the most expensive iPhone ever sold in the UK is because of Brexit. Great.

Aren’t new models of phones meant to look new?

The whole process was boring.

I thought buying a phone on launch day would have been exciting. It wasn’t. When I finally got given my phone after the wait, my friend said to me with a smile, “it looks like your old one”. She wasn’t wrong, it looked identical to my last one.

I had gone for the middle sized 128GB model because I was always running out of space on 32GB. Apple decided to be antisocial and not release a 64GB model – meaning I had to spend an extra 100 pounds on a load of storage I won’t use.

The most obvious change on the phone when you use it is the home button. You can’t press it anymore. When setting up the phone I had to choose between three “clicks”, which are little vibrations that let you know you’ve clicked the home button. It’s a bit weird, and I thought I would get used to it but its been two weeks and I still haven’t.

I miss the headphone jack. It’s meant to have made the iPhone more waterproof, but other companies have managed this without getting rid of it. I still haven’t got used to the idea I can’t charge my phone and listen to my normal headphones at the same time.

Every time I reach for the charging cable whilst listening to music and stop mid-motion, I can feel Apple laughing at me.


People have asked “have you got the wireless earphones yet?” No, of course, I haven’t. Those earphones aren’t designed for the girl who manages to lose her laptop for three days in her own room.

The camera wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. I was expecting a significant difference in the photo quality between the 6S and the 7, but it wasn’t noticeable.

So, if you have the 6 or the 6S, or any other phone for that matter, don’t bother getting the 7 – it is uninspiring.