The Big Cheese has £10 entry tonight

How can it be a Freshers’ event when the Freshers’ Ball is happening at the same time?

In yet another sign of EUSA overcharging the students it claims to look after, entry for tonight’s Big Cheese at Potterrow will be £10.

Despite it being the second Big Cheese of the year and as well as taking place at the same time as the Freshers’ Ball in Teviot, EUSA have increased the price by £6 from the normal entry fee.

They may argue that the “celebrity” appearance of Oritse from JLS merits the price hike or that it’s free with a wristband, but last year they charged the normal £4 when the arguably more popular B*witched performed a live set in September and it’s not as if the wristband (£40) comes cheap either.

This extortionate price for a EUSA event is probably what is contributing to Edinburgh’s growing reputation as ‘society’s new finishing school‘, where only a small number of students can afford what’s being put on by EUSA.