Edinburgh girls have the hottest accent

Let’s be honest, the Edinburgh accent is perfect in every single way

The Edinburgh accent is a sexy Anglo-Scottish hybrid, channelling both the gritty and frankly hilarious vulgarity of Irvine Welsh’s Trainspotting and the crisp, clean and uppity tones of Miss Jean Brodie.

Every word an Edinburgh girl says is mesmerising. Just ask a local to say the name of her beloved city and the way that she says “Eh-din-barrah” will make your heart melt.

A Scottish rose

And whilst she’s standing there, ask her to say “caramel”. Trust me, it is worth it. The rolling r will have you weak at the knees.

Ultimately, the Edinburgh accent is so darn sexy because, as a Londoner, I’m comforted by the familiarity of the dulcet English tones.

Compared to a Weegie’s way of speaking, an Edinburgh lassie will say certain words with crisp and refined diction, as only the English do, but complement it nicely with local slang, inklings of the stereotypical Scottish accent and the odd swear.

Figuratively, it’s a fine wine paired with a tasty deep fried Mars bar.

Photography: David Wilkinson/Empirical

Or, perhaps, it is just Received Pronunciation’s funner, sexier cousin. It’s not stuck up, try-hard and overdone – it’s a free-spirited, fun and happy-go-lucky offshoot of both the classic Scots and haughty R.P. accents.

It’s more colourful, it’s less reserved and alluringly intimidating than the English accent and is full of surprises.

Every so often, expect to hear an Edinburgh girl call you a “c**t'”. And you won’t be offended, shocked or disgusted. It’s probably the only accent in the world where the liberal use of swear words accompanied with the soothing accent actually makes the C-Bomb sound affectionate and, perhaps,  arousing.

You’ll even like it when these girls swear at you

Top that off with a smorgasbord of fun slang like “steamin'” and “reakin'” and you have a dialect that will keep you entertained for hours on en

Ultimately, Edinburgh girls have got it going on. They might only be 40 miles away from Glasgow but this is a sexy hybrid, and it makes a world of difference.