Can we please stop reserving seats in the library?

The most annoying part is the lack of effort

Now mid-March, we are entering a time of deadlines, straight into revision for our exams. The result of which is a steadily increasing number of people in the library. This by itself is not an issue, as most people are very well-mannered Edinburgh University students who will get up and revise quietly by themselves.

However, there is an influx of utter shits. People who feel it is acceptable to make finding a desk all that much harder by “totally doing Jonty a huge favour, as he had a bit of a mad one last night at Sneakys, but totally still needs to do this essay which he left last minute, cause he’s kind of a leg, but wants a bit of a lie in to nurse his hangover,” and saving their mate a seat.

Even in saying this, the thing that annoys me most about reserving seats is the utter lack of effort that people put into this little trick.

If you’re going to be a dick, at least do it properly.

Last time I checked, most people bring more than a notepad and a laptop charger to the library, yet it seems that a number of pupils have decided this is all that they require for a full day of studying.

It is understandable that you want to be a good person and do your friend a favour by getting them a table, but when you think about it, you’re actually being a prick. When the university is home to thousands of pupils who may all be wishing for a table in the library, be a little ‘Das Capital’ and think how important is your friend, who couldn’t even be bothered to get up at an appropriate time to secure a seat? Karl Marx hates you for this.

The worst part is that everyone is too scared to go over and question these lazy tricksters and demand they move their items. The library is deadly silent in a very British way because we’d hate to cause a scene and God forbid, raise our voices at someone so clearly breaking library etiquette.

Instead, we much prefer to go write some passive aggressive comments in an article for a student newspaper that will realistically do nothing to stop them. Blonde-haired girl with the green t-shirt 4th floor by the windows, I’m looking at you. I see there’s no jacket or bag by your desk, yet the desk beside has both those items. I hope you cry tonight from shame.

I’m onto you

Even the act of reserving a seat for your friend is detriment to your own study. You secure a constant source of procrastination right beside you, welcoming you to chat on Facebook and send hilarious and completely original memes (Damn Daniel HAHA).

You also must consider the fact you’re being used.

Why must you always have to be the one that secures your seats in the library whilst they lie in? You’re nothing but a mule to them, a way for them to get a seat, before you know it you’ll be shoving balloons of cocaine up your bum and crossing the American border with Mexico.

Then again, humans are scum by nature and I also save seats, so we’re all hypocrites really.