EUSA Election and Referendum Results: Alec Edgecliffe-Johnson is the new President

You also voted not to change the EUSA name


Third year economics student Alec Edgecliffe-Johnson has won this year’s EUSA presidential election, defeating Theo Robertson-Bonds in the vote. Theo was running for the second year in a row so was the more recognisable name around campus, but this wasn’t enough to secure the victory for him.


One of Alec’s main policies that may have helped him win a significant number of votes was to improve transport to all university campuses by making it cheaper and more frequent. The results of the Referendum were also revealed with Edinburgh students overwhelmingly opting to keep the EUSA name instead of rebranding it as UESU. Despite the No vote in the rebranding question, you voted in favour of the proposed changes to the way in which decisions are made by EUSA. Current EUSA President, Jonny Ross-Tatam, said of the result: “4,000 votes on democracy is huge, that’s massive.” Whilst the Jonny might be proud of the turn out, 4,000 votes is still less a sixth of the student population. In the other Vice-President elections, Jessica Husbands was voted VP for Societies and Activities, Patrick Garratt for Academic Affairs and Jenny Kelly for Services.