Edinburgh is the best city in Scotland, if not the world

We’re the most beautiful city in the UK, bitches

Recently, some dafty tried to argue that Glesgae was better than the wee beautiful city of Edinburgh. And then some even bigger dafty tried to argue that Aberdeen was the best. However, although the other two have their fair share of culture, Scottish people and subway stations, here are just a few reasons why Edinburgh is indisputably the best city in Scotland, if not the world.

Our city is the prettiest

Lets be honest, the Uni’s of Glasgow and Aberdeen may have a couple of beaut buildings, but we get to live in the fourth most beautiful city in the world. Not only do we have an extinct volcano and some Greek-style ruins, we even have a palace, and the Scott Monument, and all of Marchmont. When it comes to the University, you’ll find we’ve got some of the most stunning buildings: McEwan Hall, the William Robertson wing, Old and New Colleges. It’s unbeatable.

take some time to shed a tear at the beauty of this

East coast is better than West coast

**In all things apart from the US’s 90s hip-hop rivalry.

J.K. Rowling wrote Harry Potter here

There is a dispute as to whether it was Glasgow Uni which inspired the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, or whether it was Edinburgh’s George Heriot’s school. Either way, J.K. actually wrote Harry Potter in a backroom of the Elephant House cafe,  which is five mins from Edinburgh Uni (which is why you always have to struggle past the hoards of tourists outside) and Tom Riddle is even buried in Greyfriars Kirk graveyard. And people say Glasgow is the Hogwarts of Scotland. Lol.

You won’t find a toilet this cool in Glasgow

Edinburgh is the Scottish dream

Yes, there are lots of English people. And yes, I’m still surprised when I hear an actual Edinburgh/any type of Scottish accent. But Edinburgh revels in being a multi-cultural melting pot that’s relaxed and friendly – but still distinctly Scottish. As soon as you emerge from Waverley station you can hear the sound of bagpipes and see the Scott monument. You walk among the people wearing the kilts and the tartan scarves. You can see the Scottish flag flying high on the top of the Balmoral and smell the haggis. You can almost taste the Walkers pure butter shortbread scottie dogs on your tongue…

We have a Castle

Do you have a castle?

say something

You can walk everywhere

Forget having to use all of your student loan to get the subway, buses or taxis everywhere because your city is so big, we in Edinburgh can walk to wherever we need to go. Night out? Walk.  Shopping? Walk. Princes St? Walk. Oh, and no one uses the tram.

We get to drink in public

Does this even require an explanation?

Just some Glaswegians taking advantage of being able to drink on an extinct volcano in Edinburgh

We have The Fringe festival

It’s true, other cities in Scotland may have their lil arenas, their O2 Academies, their Highland games, and all that “culture” malarky, but Edinburgh is home to the largest arts festival in the world. The Fringe attracts millions of people every year to watch thousands of performances of comedy, music, theater, dance, etc. Glasgow, Aberdeen, Dundee etc. may pride themselves on not having to worry about tourists, but that’s probably because they’re jealous that people actually want to visit Edinburgh.

just look at all those people that LOVE Edinburgh